Friday, November 5, 2010

I Amaze Even Myself!

Ahem.  10,332 words, ladies and gentlemen.  That is my grand tally as of 1:00 pm today. I am more than one fifth of the way to my goal of 50,000 words in 30 days! Halleluia!

Mind you,  it has not all been sunshine and rainbows, as Those in the Know can well imagine.  I am a busy woman.  People depend on me (far more than they ought to, if the truth be known),  and I practically never let people down.  I am always not one to point out the inconsideration of others,  but I think it is only proper that I gently direct your attention to a couple of examples.

Yesterday, for instance, the boys both had after-school activities to attend which meant that it was necessary for Yours Truly to leave the cozy fire in the den and hours of idle websurfing many important  chores in progress at home in order to play chauffeur for the latter part of the afternoon.  It was an annoying hassle my loving duty, naturally, but an annoying hassle! a little inconvenient, all the same.  I love my dear boys with a mother's sincere devotion but couldn't the little scamps hitch a ride with someone else's mother once in awhile? and it is never too much trouble for me to ferry them around!

I was so worn out from all that, it is a wonder that I still managed to serve such a delicious and nutritious supper.  In my own inimitable style, however, I had wisely foreseen the possibility of the onset of exhaustion later in the day, and had therefore planned ahead and had put on a stupendous batch of chili in the crock pot in the morning.  Toss a couple of brown and serve French loaves in the oven,  whip up a bagged fresh Caesar salad and voilá*!  An international feast fit for a king! And two princes!

Today has not been much easier on me.  First, let me say that I am well-known to be the most understanding of mothers. Everyone who knows me would fall over laughing at the very idea  agrees.  But I want to know why it is always Mother to whom children turn when they need something?  Specifically, when their computers are on the fritz and they need a loaner?  I am not one to complain,  as Those in the Know are well aware,  but it has all been a bit challenging this week, what with my writing a novel and everything!

Kiki ran into difficulties with her computer just before the NaNoWriMo kickoff and naturally I reluctantly generously lent her my laptop until hers could be repaired (or actually replaced with an old one we happened to have here, fortunately).  Naturally, I was very irritated  pleased to be of assistance to my darling girl,  but the fact of the matter is that I find desk top computers quite subpar compared to my portable laptop, and it has had a very deleterious effect upon my writing.  To come straight to the point, I have suffered greatly from pinched nerves in my neck and shoulders and I do believe it is because I have been unable to stand at the kitchen counter with my laptop as I much prefer to do!

I never complain, though.  And tonight, we went into the city with a refurbished older computer for Kiki and I could hardly grab my own laptop back from her quickly enough  was glad to receive my own laptop back in tip top shape!  I am happy to report that we then went out for a lovely meal together at the same restaurant where we celebrated Kiki's graduation in May.  Much nicer without the rushing!  Dennis is in town at long last,  which made the evening even more special.

To round out my Friday night, we have Sven back for a week as he is on break between college semesters.  It is always a pleasure to have the young people home, even if it does involve quite a bit of extra work for Scott Your Faithful Scribe!  I am nothing if not a gifted homemaker, however, so it is all too much!  as natural as breathing to me!

It has been a very tiring day,  so I must post this update and get some rest.  A novelist must work seven days a week,  and the great Can-Am* novel will not wait!  My goal for tomorrow is 13, 1313 words.  I just like the look of that number.

Good day to All!

* Can-Am is cool, novelly slang for Canadian-American.  Use it to impress your friends  - with my compliments.

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