Sunday, November 7, 2010

14,244 Words!

The title says it all:  14, 244 words!

How do I do it?

True,  I did not manage to reach 13,1313 by the end of the day, yesterday,  but there were two good reasons for that:

1. As usual,  I  frittered away most of the day idly flipping between my open document and the far more interesting world wide web had so many important things to do that there simply was not enough time to achieve so much more than any normal novelist might be expected to achieve in one day and

 2. There is no such thing as the number 13,1313 (although anyone could make that mistake, obviously).

Nevertheless,  with my characteristic panache*,  I did succeed in typing out 12, 432 amazing, high-quality words before flipping the laptop shut and popping in an NCIS dvd retiring for a well-earned good night's sleep.

I was up with the turkeys this morning, as I rarely usually am,  and I began working on my novel again the minute I had filled the kettle and set it to boil.  It was lovely to be writing away as the first rays of autumn sunshine were filtering in through the dining room window.  I had the peace and quiet of a slumbering household all to myself.  I really do enjoy being the first person up!

 As I believe I have mentioned once or twice in the past,  I often express my congratulations to the government for the brilliant idea of Daylight Savings Time.  Giving the people an extra hour of sleep every autumn, and the subsequent pleasure of rising in the morning in daylight,  with a bonus hour of sweet, free time is exactly the sort of accomplishment we expect from our elected leaders.  I say "Bravo!" and my only quibble is why they don't do it more often!

Of course, it would all have been much more pleasant if I hadn't been forced to take Minnie outside practically as soon as I stepped foot in the kitchen.  It is all very well to talk about peacefully slumbering households, but the inconvenient truth is that at least one member of our household (or, more specifically, at least one of her remarkably efficient organs) appears never to sleep - at least not for long.  Certainly not for 7-8 whole hours.

After I had cleaned up after her,  I took our annoying  beloved pet outside for a little fresh air and morning exercise,  fed her and laid new paper just in case she was hatching any plans about more accidents before anyone else was awake to deal with them.  I am nothing if not a devoted dog-owner, but I want to know why I always have to do everything?  One would think the dog would try to be a little less of a nuisance,  not to mention a little more appreciative of Yours Truly.

Anyway, who cares?  The important thing is that I  threw her kibble in the bowl and promptly ignored her  got straight down to the business of writing my novel after lovingly caring for the dog.  Sipping a delicious cup of tea and typing like the wind,  I brought my word count up over 13,000 within an hour and was soon galloping toward 14,000.

The great Can-Am novel is taking shape, my friends!  Think how lucky you are to be in the know as this amazing literary masterpiece is slowly forming.  No need to thank me.  It is my gift to mankind.

Good Day to All!

*panache:  speedy,  if inaccurate, typing.