Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rally to Restore Sanity! Yes!!

This seems like an idea that I might have come up with, if I hadn't been quite so busy!

The Washington DC Rally to Restore Sanity is, unfortunately, too far away for most of the nation to attend, but luckily some very impressive people have organized Sanity rallies around the country! There will be one in Chicago on Saturday, October 30 from 11-2 beginning at the corner of Jackson and Columbus. Naturally, I am expected to be there, and equally naturally, I feel that spreading the word is the least I can do for a worthy cause.

Donations are needed to pay for the various necessities (portable toilets, garbage cleanup, jumbo screen from which to broadcast the main event from DC), so I am going to post the link in case any of TITK would like to chip in!

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