Thursday, November 4, 2010

Forging Ahead!

A quick update for Those in the Know:

I am forging ahead with my novel,  although it ought to be known that it has not been easy, under the circumstances.  I have typed 6800 words so far,  under very trying conditions I might add, which only goes to show you how committed I am.  That is how it is with creative genius, you know.  When the spirit takes one, one  cannot do otherwise but embrace it!  When the muse is calling, the writer must answer! When the... I am sure you get the general idea. I am short on time here.

Mind you,  it would all be so much more convenient (not to mention easier on Yours Truly!) if only I had a comfortable place to work!  Yes,  it is true that only a few years ago we completed an outrageously expensive a reasonably budget-wise new den for the sole purpose of providing me with exactly that:  a comfortable place to work.  And it is also true that I threw caution to the wind, indulging every designing and decorating whim that tickled my fancy laid careful plans, incorporating a modest building budget and worked tirelessly to design a workable, comfortable space for Scott and me to work in.

It is just that this desk...this chair... everything about this room, in fact, is simply not up to snuff!  I am convinced that if only this chair was firmer and the desk at a slightly different height, I would definitely have logged a word count of well over 10,000 by now.  It is really very irritating when the creative spark is smothered by such mundane considerations!  But there you have it,  my friends.  You see what I am up against!

I am nothing if not persistent,  and as TITK so fondly can attest,  I will continue to work on my novel with the resolute determination for which I am renowned.

Meanwhile, however, I must admit that it is a little difficult to remain focused on the task at hand when the weather gods insist on throwing all sorts of crazy meteorological phenomena at my window!  Just now, out of a clear blue sky, there was a sudden downpour of hail!  How on earth is a delicate artistic genius (moi)  supposed to get any work done with a veritable blizzard of hail;stones rat-a-tat-tatting on the deck outside my window?  It is simply impossible! You see what I have to contend with?

Obviously,  it is all very discouraging,  but with my characteristic fortitude,  I will press on!

Good day to All!


  1. Yeah. About that hail. We were walking in it this evening XD It started as rain, and I turned to D and said, 'I just wish it would be ten degrees colder and just freeze!" thinking, of course, in terms of light, fluffy snowflakes. A second later, it started pouring ice pellets and hail. Oops.
    Great job with the writing, though! Keep going! Go go go!

  2. TITK must try harder to control the weather for you. Although I'm not at all sure I'm in the know, considering that I can't control the cats! :-)

    Are you putting the words one after the other, are you experimenting? inquiring minds want to know! :-D (Personally I think putting words in some sort of sensible arrangement is so overrated! It's something I avoid. Perhaps you've noticed?)

  3. @ Katherine : I might just use that in my novel! Great foreshadowing! I will steal it shamelessly!

    @Carolyn Ann: I HAVE noticed that you jump around from time to time, but nearly always with a greater purpose in mind (ooh, haha, irony! I must remember to have one of my characters use that in my novel!).
    I shall be putting the words one after another because, as we both know very well, the world is not yet ready for creativity such as ours! We must bow to the demands of the masses!