Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Full Steam Ahead!

Good Morning to Those in the Know (and to all the other poor souls who may not be in the know. Gracious to a fault, I never exclude anyone!)

This will be a short update because,  as most of you already know,  I am writing a novel this month!  There is no time for dilly-dallying:  I am a woman on a mission!  The world needs my work of incredible genius!

Last night,  I typed word 2555 before I went to bed.  Things got a little rough there toward the end of the day,  actually.  For some reason, I find it very difficult to write dialogue.  Amazing, I know, considering my prodigious skill at conversation!  But there you have it.  It is a challenge,  but not one that I cannot overcome. I am nothing if not determined!

My dear husband has been away for the week on business which is infuriating!   unfortunate,  but unavoidable my foot!  I am sure.  This means that I must look after everything else on the home front, as usual, in addition to producing the Great Canadian-American Novel.  Talk about challenging!  I still have two sons at home, my friends, and let me tell you they hardly make a peep and are no trouble at all   it is all a bit much.  I want to know why I always have to do everything?!

But, as TITK are well aware,  I am a miracle-worker on the home front.  Take this morning, for instance:  as soon as I remembered that the boys needed lunches for school (something their dad would have looked after last night if he hadn't abandoned his wife and family for some stupid business trip! Although I never complain),  I set straight to work and made them the most delicious, most perfect, most amazing hero sandwiches they will ever eat!  Sure, I have no idea what exactly a "hero sandwich" is,  but considering the effort I made, these sandwiches qualify!  Naturally, this task involved making a tremendous mess in the kitchen (which it is only fair that the boys clean up, of course), not to mention a moment or two of ranting and raving quick-thinking problem-solving on my part. As always, however, I rose beautifully to the occasion and sent the boys off to school armed with the most nutritious and delicious lunch imaginable.  Sometimes I think I am just too good.

Well, that is enough blogging for one day.  I have a novel to write!   I realize that my latest blog posts are shorter and less carefully crafted,  but naturally I expect to hear no whining about it!  A novelist must conserve her energy and her readers must respect the muse!

Good Day to All!

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