Sunday, October 31, 2010

This is IT!

Good afternoon to Those in the Know!  Well, this is it!  This is the day you have all been waiting for!  The long-awaited day when Your Faithful Scribbler begins the great Canadian-American novel!

Actually,  in point of fact,  I will begin writing my masterpiece at 12:00:01 November 1,  but to all intents and purposes THIS is IT!  I will not go to bed tonight until I have written at least 250 words of the most amazing manuscript yet to grace the world!  By midnight November 1 (after a little sleep and my usual whirlwind of productivity during the day tomorrow),  I will have written a minimum of 1,667 words toward my ultimate goal (Nobel-quality novel,  bien sûr :-)).  Each day thereafter,  I will also produce 1,667 words toward the final two words:  "The End"...or,  more in keeping with my sophisticated style: "Finis".

Yes,  it is all very exciting!

Meanwhile,  I would like to report to TITK that (as you no doubt expected),  I did indeed manage to complete my entire shopping list on Friday afternoon!  True,  once I got home laden down with parcels, I did realize that one or two items were not quite right for my intended recipients (how irritating!) but still!

Today is Hallowe'en and we had everything ready in plenty of time before the little Trick or Treaters began to swarm the neighborhood.  I ought to post a picture,  but I was simply too busy with other things (like mental preparation for the greatest literary endeavor of the century!)

Well,  I had better sign off and save my typing for more important things!

Good Day to All!

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