Monday, November 1, 2010

Hailing From Author's Corner!

Good Morning to Those in the Know!

I realize that some people might wonder how I can find time to post on my blog when I am so busy writing the great Canadian-American Novel and quite frankly, those busybodies ought to mind their own business!
quite honestly,  those kind-hearted folks are a thorn in a great writer's side  a delightful inspiration for a weary novice writer!

I made a good, solid start on the manuscript last night.  Now before we discuss the word count, I would like to point out that it is quality, not quantity of words which really matters in the final analysis.  Yes,  some writers (the successful ones) (the commercial sell-outs),  do produce large numbers of words in a disciplined , hard-working approach to the craft,  but it is my contention that true writing genius requires a more creative approach.

My writing muse will never be fully expressed if she is forced into a daily work schedule with a required word count every day!  How can any creative genius work like that?  Egad!  Daily time allotted to writing and nothing but writing, plus an expectation of a minimum number of words written during each session is a recipe for success disaster!  The creative process requires sunshine, freedom and poetic licence!  Distractions, pleasant interludes and idle pursuits Unstructured time to pursue creative freedom are is the lifeblood of an artist,  and I am a sterling example of the bountiful harvest that such rich creative soil can produce.

My word count this morning is small but mighty.  Within them lies all the promise and excitement of the most amazing work of literary talent the world has ever seen.

My word count at present is:  2*

Good Day to All!

* "Chapter One"  (No comments from the peanut gallery).

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