Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moving Mountains!

What a busy day I had yesterday!  Those in the Know will not be surprised, of course -   I am always very busy!   But yesterday I moved mountains!

It was a beautiful day,  sunny and warm-ish,  so naturally I was anxious to get outdoors into the garden.  I intended to make a To Do list but as usual I forgot was too busy to do so.  I'll have to get to that right after I finish this post.  Also,  I really don't have time to post a proper entry.  In fact,  I have already been struggling with this post for too long - and I left to run errands in the middle there because it was really all too much! - so I think I will just jot the post down in point form.  I don't want to hear any whining about it.

Yesterday I...

-Went to Garden Center to choose water plants and shrubs (Didn't actually buy anything,  as could not decide.  Listen,  these things take time!)

-Collected boys at school for ToDo item #1

-Brought the boys to Walgreens to have passport photos taken ( ToDo item #1* - check!)

-Returned to Garden Center to buy two water plants and three shrubs (See?)

-Back home:  planted the shrubs and set the water plants in the top pond shallows to acclimatize.

-Cleaned up garage!

-Cooked a superb supper (homemade beefaroni) but canceled the salad because could not find salad bowl.  Let's face it:  all this talk of balanced diets and lots of veggies gets boring.

Now for your viewing pleasure,  photos to show the new additions to the garden!  I had planned to use two hollies and a red twig dogwood along the foundation of the new den,  but when I was browsing at the garden center earlier yesterday,  I realized that I have been exclaiming over beautiful trailing spirea bushes every spring for who knows how long,  yet I never have planted any in my own garden!   It is likely possible that I forget about them the moment they are out of my sight  by the time I finally find the time in my busy schedule to show up at the garden center,  but anyway, who cares?   I remembered yesterday when I returned to the center to purchase the dogwood and hollies I had every intention of purchasing until a large photo of a trailing spirea caught  my eye and completely derailed those plans  so naturally I made the abrupt, capricious sensible, executive decision to buy three for our garden at last!  They do not look like much, yet,  but in a couple of years they had better! will look as beautiful as all the others I have admired so much!

I set straight to work the moment the boys and I got home.  I am nothing if not a hard worker!  Got those shrubs planted in record time!  As you can see,  I have a failsafe method of digging holes for my shrubs:


(Well, like I always say - what is the point in having two or three strapping young sons if one fails to take advantage of their brute strength  encourage them to develop their interests?   Those in the Know will remember that parenthood is my calling,  and I am always ready to step up and do my duty!  The boys will thank me later).

The water plants are a small lily and some sort of marginal plant (I forget the name, and anyway, who cares).  I only have a picture of the lily relaxing and becoming acclimated to our pond.  Sure, the pond looks rather sterile at the moment,  but it will soon be teeming with life (probably mainly algae and mosquitoes <- Great Scott!  What a defeatist attitude!  Not in my pond!)  as I employ my prodigious gardening skills in this new water venture.  Here is the lily, yesterday evening, resting on a ledge just under the surface of the water:

By the way,  are lilacs not the most glorious flowers of May?   Those in this photo are just a few of the dozens of lilac shrubs that the previous owners planted around our house.   Since they are one of my very favorite flowers (both for fantastic blooming and magnificent fragrance),  I probably ought to send them a Thank You note for that!

Finally,  a couple of weeks ago,  I mentioned to my faithful readers that I would show you soon why the weigela is also called a "Beauty Bush".  Well,  here is a photo to give you an idea why.  This shrub is still very young and yet it is a beauty:

Now for today's To Do list:

To Do

Start supper  (done - lentils soaking now for hearty lentil soup - remind me to post the recipe!  It is loaded with superfoods and,  with my special talent for tweaking recipes,  I have created a mega-healthy culinary triumph!)

Plant Petunias sitting since last week (well,  I am not sure I really like those petunias,  so the delay is perfectly understandable.  As a matter of fact,  I may just wait another day or two,  just to be sure)

Passport Applications (startled you, did I?  No, not my own -which TITK already know is winging its way to Gatineau as I type-  this refers to Edward and Kenny's passports,  which I am sure will take no time at all,  so I can forget about it for another little while  I will certainly attend to it promptly!)

You know,  I could add a few more items to this list,  but I really feel that there are times when we should all temper the mad pace of our days with a little less structure.  Therefore,  I am going to lazily  wisely cut this list short.

Good Day to All!

* If I had actually written a ToDo list yesterday,  this would definitely have been #1!

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