Friday, May 21, 2010

Thank the Stars - It is Friday!

I awoke this morning to drizzly rain and cool temperatures,  so I did the only thing thinkable:  I decided to forego my morning exercise.  Now,  Those in the Know are well-acquainted with my reliability when I have made a commitment and indeed,  I never skip Curves,  unless it is very stormy out (or snowing,  or icy,  or too windy,  or if it is depressingly rainy like today - or if it gets cloudy at all - or dark - but otherwise,  you can set your watch by me!),  so obviously I am going to make this bonus free-time count!  And what better way to do so than to  waste an hour or more typing a pointless post?  compose a witty post,  draw up a To Do list and get down to business for another of my world-renowned productive days!

I received an email last night informing me that the Fed Ex man will deliver my pond plants today!  This is,  obviously,  a mixed blessing.  On the one hand,  I am delighted - having waited for weeks,  it is about bloody time!  so pleasant to be receiving the plants at last!

But,  on the other hand,  I am deeply annoyed  a little dismayed that the plants are arriving on a Friday.  They will require immediate attention today (and it is raining out!),  and they will require prompt planting over the weekend (the weekend!).  I have a good mind to send that pond supply fellow a sharply-worded email!  Just because I emailed earlier in the week demanding  requesting that he fill my order immediately,  obviously I did not mean fill it immediately if it means I will receive it on Friday!  Filling the order the next day (for Monday or Tuesday delivery) would have been quite immediate enough!  I am a patient woman,  but the sad truth is that there are days when I struggle with remaining calm in the face of such constant provocation.

Nevertheless,  I am determined to make the most of this Friday even if it is dreary, drizzly and now loaded down with univited chores! , in my usual cheerful fashion!   Here is my To Do list:

To Do

Start Supper  (Ha!  Already well in hand,  since I made a larger than expected batch of lentil soup yesterday!  I never serve "leftovers",  by the way:  yesterday's masterpiece will become the base for an even more superfood-packed soup tonight!  I will throw in a package of frozen chopped spinach and call it a day  Loaded with spices,  carrots and spinach - and with cheesy garlic toast on the side - this will be an encore my boys will cheer about!)

Laundry  (I always say: rainy days are ideal for laundry!  The noise,  the hot steamy water and the warm air from the dryer are all a comfort when it is dull and chilly outside!  No doubt,  I will amaze my family by clearing the backlog in that department today!)

Blog Post  (Ha! Obviously, finis!)

Exercise  (crossing off as clearly unnecessary under the circumstances,  let's get serious)

Pond Plants  (whatever is necessary to do for them when they arrive,  I suppose I will have to do - even though it is Friday.  I am nothing if not diligent,  but this is all very irritating!)

That is it for this morning!  Good Day to All!

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