Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stormy Spring Morning

Greetings to all Those in the Know!  I hope you didn't miss me too much.  (Although, to be completely honest,  I actually hope that you did miss me very much,  but it would be bad form to say so and I am nothing if not punctiliously polite,  so I'll pretend that I hope you were skipping along merrily for the past two weeks without my blog to brighten your days - traitors).   Naturally,  I completely forgot all about you, this blog and all of the vexing jobs awaiting me at home I thought of you every day while I was away.

I am back, refreshed and raring to go.  Mind you,  I'd be even more rarin' to go if I hadn't awakened this morning to dark, gloomy skies,  rain and thunder!  And, come to think of it,  I would feel more refreshed if I hadn't had to drive all the way down to Georgia and South Carolina and back,  sorely under-fueled and under-caffeinated (stupid health craze!).  When you get right down to it,  I may actually be feeling worse now than I felt before we left!

It's all because I always have to do everything!  Those in the Know will remember the lengthy To Do list I was faced with before the March Break.  Considering the number of items on that list, - I can't quite recall just how many,  right now,  but it was a lot - is it any wonder that I need another break?  True, I didn't actually get any of those things done because I was too busy lazing around too busy with other things,  but the mere thought of so many pressing responsibilities is enough to exhaust anyone!

But,  as usual,  I was able to turn a difficult situation around and make something positive out of a negative.   Yes, once again, I managed to make lemons out of lemonade.  I am nothing if not resilient and adaptable.  I didn't bother with wasn't able to work on the old To Do list because I was becoming bored to distraction because I was out of town,  so I simply created a new one!  Not an officially typed out "To Do" list per se*,  but as important a To Do list as any other - maybe more important! - if I do say so, myself. 

Here it is:

To Do on March Break

Drive to Ohio (not bad - I love driving!)

Visit Jessie on Campus (en route,  which is convenient!)

Jack's Campus Tour (Jessie actually did this while I watched NCIS reruns with the younger boys in the hotel - it was raining! - good planning on my part!)

Drive to Chattanooga (I wish KY would get their road construction under control!)

Drive to Hilton Head (no matter how long the drive,  it is always a happy task!)

Laundry,  Organizing Furniture,  General Tidying Up and Taking Stock of Work Needed (I have to do everything!)

Buy and Plant Annuals (Edward and Jack helped with this, dear boys!)

Clean Upholstery (tiresome job - and Scott left it to the very last morning!)

Meet Contractor for Repairs and Painting (Done! :))

Daily Blog Posts (who are we kidding here? I was incredibly busy!)

Exercise  (a stroll on the beach counts - no time for more.  Besides, I was on break)

Drive to Atlanta

Visit with Aunt Jean (so enjoyable!)

Drive to Cincinnati (KY roads even worse than 10 days before--how irritating!  I think I'll write a letter to the Governor)

Visit with Jeanne and Walter (Good Friday pizza and great company!)

Drive Home (and about blasted time, too!  ENDLESS, STUPID DRIVE!!)

So,  as Those in the Know have come to expect,  I accomplished a great deal on my so-called "break".  I like to keep busy and long lists of impressive productivity just seem to follow me wherever I go.

Now that we're back, we have Ben visiting from Germany and Scott is gone to Germany on business--ironic!  We had Kiki overnight from Easter Saturday to Easter Sunday, and we all enjoyed a lovely Easter Brunch together before everyone scattered.  We missed Jessie for Easter,  but are so pleased that we saw her on the road trip (I'm even more pleased that she was so helpful with the campus tour)!  The boys are all back at school this week and I am back at my various projects around the house.  In short,  life is slowly getting back to normal around here and I am as busy as ever!

This is about the best that I can manage after such an exhausting trip,  so I'll hear none of your complaining!

Good Day to you all!

Happy Easter!

* Alert readers will have noted that,  even in my exhausted state, I have managed to provide them with another sophisticated Latin reference.  Just doing my bit to improve the minds of Those in the Know!  You're welcome!


  1. I, for one, am glad you are back, and writing again! Enjoy getting distracted from your list. ;-)

  2. Haha, thank you! It is good to be back! So happy to be blogging again, too!