Thursday, April 8, 2010

Photo Project? What Photo Project?

I'll just come straight to the point here:   I've been so busy these past few weeks that I've made absolutely no progress on the photo project.  In point of fact,  I  actually forgot I was even doing a photo project  have had so many pressing concerns that even the number-one priority,  the photo project,  has had to take a back seat.  Well, strictly speaking,  my daily blog post is the number-one priority on the To Do list each day but since I've totally flaked out on that for almost two weeks   but since I've been much too busy to write the blog post every day,  obviously I have been too busy to work on the photo project,  too!

Now that I've cleared the decks, so to speak, on that little piece of business, let's talk about how much I have accomplished this week and how much I still plan to accomplish!

First thing's first:  with my usual  diligence,  I settled straight down to work on my blog post yesterday and have got daily posting back into full swing again.  It took several hours to finish,  though,  what with all the distractions  interruptions I must contend with on a daily basis.  There is an annoying smudge on the cupboard above me right now,  as a matter of fact,  but instead of dropping this instantly to clean it,  I will exercise my usual self-discipine and continue with the post.




You know, I really feel that one of the hallmarks of a great homemaker is the ability to differentiate between that which must be addressed instantly and that which can wait a little.  An untidy house leads to an untidy mind,  as Those in the Know very well know,  so the priority is obvious.  Now that the smudge is history (and, by the way,  that cupboard looks much better inside,  now,  too,  after a quick tidy!),  this day is finally on the right track!

My next biggest win this week was a huge clear-out of laundry backlog - I even managed to get to the bottom of the barrel to wash the dining room tablecloths!  The spring one and a (!) red one which we must have used in the late winter (certainly not Christmas!).

I also took the younger boys shopping for spring clothes - wisely using a Kohl's coupon I had tucked away for the purpose - and they are indeed two handsome young men!   Obviously,  they have been blessed with the lion's share of my genes!  Their height they get from their father,  however:  both of them are now approaching 6 feet,  at just over 14 years of age.  Like father, like son.  I like a tall man, though  (as my excellent choice of mate illustrates!),  and I am sure that their imposing stature will hold them in good stead in the coming years,  secondary to the good looks and intelligence which they have inherited from me.

Another thing I have been working on quietly,  but sincerely,  is a healthier lifestyle.  I believe I may have mentioned before that an excellent diet and daily exercise have always been the cornerstones of my happy life.  Nevertheless,  in recent years a few middle-age difficulties have appeared.  About 20 of them,  I'd estimate.  With all the running around I do every busy day,  I can't think how it happened, but alas, there you have it.  So,

Oh,  excuse me a moment.  The word "diet" reminded me that I meant to look up a recipe for tonight's supper before I go to the supermarket.  If I don't look it up right now, I may not remember again.  Won't be a moment...

Done!  What a great feeling it is to be so organized and efficient!

Now for today's To Do list:

To Do

Blog Post (Ha! Nearly finished!)

Passport Application (Yegods! I forgot all about that!)

Grocery Shopping (right after blog post)

Start Supper (right after shopping, of course :) - I am a marvel of efficiency!)

Write Thank You Note for beautiful Easter Flowers

Pay Bills (amazing how they keep piling up!)

Call Landscaper re Spring Job (this should probably be higher up on the list as I'm afraid I've been putting it off a little,  believe it or not) (Postscript: Success! Why didn't I tackle that task sooner?  It was a breeze!  Love it when I take the bull by the horns and get things DONE! :D)

And I must add some items that other people have added to my To Do list for today (how tiresome!):

School Registration 5pm (my children can easily manage this themselves, but schools will insist!)

Teleconference 7pm (people always need my help!  Luckily, I am nothing if not graciously  accommodating, so I'm giving up a precious evening of NCIS dvd marathon for this--they had better appreciate it!)

Well,  as anyone can see,  I have another full productive day ahead of me so I won't delay.  As soon as I've  finished idly web-surfing  checked on the news of the day,  like any responsible citizen,  I'll be on my way!

Good Day to All!


  1. " of the hallmarks of a great homemaker is the ability to differentiate between that which must be addressed instantly and that which can wait a little."

    Ok, Renée, this one's going on my fridge!

  2. Being the homemaker around here, I can't help but realize there are so many tasks that can wait awhile... :-)