Friday, April 9, 2010

Here Comes the Sun!

What a relief to awaken to blue skies and sunshine this morning!  Well, dark blue skies and a promising gleam on the horizon pointing to a visible sunrise, at least!  I don't fuss about these little details-- now that we are basking in daylight savings time,  the long, glorious evenings more than make up for a little gloom in the early morning hours.  These people who make a big deal out of that sort of thing are a tad behind the times,  I feel,  and ought to be more progressive in their attitude.  As long as there is a glimmer of light on the horizon as we flip back the covers in the morning,  sensible people embrace the longer evenings with pleasure.  Certainly, I always have! 

Another lovely harbinger of spring is unfolding right before my delighted eyes here in the kitchen.  Last Mother's Day,  my children presented me with a nice large bird feeder which my helpful hubby installed directly outside the kitchen window here by the sink.  This is ideal for me,  because as my friends all know,  I spend a great deal of time working in the kitchen.  How pleasant to look outside and watch the wildlife!   Even pleasanter is the fact that the kitchen window at the business end of the room faces the street,  which is something a little different from the usual kitchen designs these days (we are nothing if not original!),  and so I can  spy on enjoy the comings and goings of my neighbours,  too!

My eyesight is not the greatest.  Well,  let's just call a spade a spade:  I'm practically as blind as a bat.  I have a particularly hard time distinguishing objects and colours without plenty of light (and it helps if the object is less than 6 feet away, frankly.  Also, large).  By placing the new bird feeder directly outside the kitchen window at eye level,  it is virtually within arm's reach for me (except for the glass of the window,  obviously).   Birds come right over to feed on the seeds and don't seem to notice me at all as I chop and dice vegetables for the my daily culinary triumphs.  This is simply perfect!

This morning -  right now in fact! - my very favorite bird in the world - a female cardinal - has been flitting back and forth between the feeder and what I presume is her nest in the shrubbery out in front of the house.  To be able to watch her up close is truly a joy.  Female cardinals are very shy and jumpy;  if I were outdoors,  I wouldn't have a chance of seeing her.  But, this bird feeder setup is ideal.  Yesterday, there was a loud, pushy male cardinal out there, too.  It was a bit irritating,  to be perfectly frank, what with all that chipping and drunken up and down flying between feeder and trees.  Those males are nothing but show-offs.  Sure,  that bright red plumage is beautiful and eye-catching,  but I prefer the softer,  surprising colours of the female,  not to mention her more graceful and gentler nature.   She reminds me of myself a little - shy, retiring, understated.  I guess there is a spiritual connection there.

Phew!  That was a stupendously boring couple of paragraphs!   I had to step away from the computer for an hour or two to fritter away some time on idle amusements perform a few essential household tasks and refresh my brain.  I'm all for injecting a little nature and colour into literature,  but the plain truth is that action is what people really prefer!   So, without further ado,  I will set down today's To Do list:

To Do


You know,  it is already nearly noon and such a beautiful day.  I'm not sure that allowing oneself to become a slave to lists is really healthy or actually beneficial to anyone!   As a matter of fact,  I'm pretty sure that list-slaves are a bit of a drag on society.  It is the mavericks,  the alternative thinkers,  the ones who are not afraid to take chances and do something new who really move the community forward.  Progressive thinkers!  That's what this world needs!

Lucky for my community,  I am just such a person!  I am nothing if not progressive and,  as such,  I intend to make the most of this beautiful day,  not languish inside doing necessary, but excruciatingly boring  slavishly unimaginative tasks.

I've got several great ideas for this day,  starting with making a call right now to a local special events venue to arrange a visit.  Kiki and Dennis are considering having their wedding there,  so as Mother of the Bride and future Mother-in-Law (I know what you're thinking - lucky young man!),  I intend to give the happy young couple the benefit of my wisdom and exquisite taste.  The place features breathtakingly beautiful Japanese Gardens,  according to all reports,  but naturally I'll reserve judgment on that until I've seen it with my own eyes.  (But what a day to do it!  I can't wait!)  I'll approach it with the kind detachment and critical,  but fair,  eye for which I am renowned.  (Glorious sunshine! Fabulous gardens!)   My dear daughter and her gallant fianc√© are depending upon me to ensure a magnificent and memorable wedding day,  and Those in the Know know that this confidence is well-placed (dinner at the beautiful gardens!  Staff eager to please!  Red carpet treatment,  here I come!).  No matter how inconvenient it is for me,  I am proud to say that I never let down the side.

"Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown"*,  my friends.  Of course,  I do not (usually) wear a crown,  but as Queen of this domain,  it behooves me to ensure that all those under my care are given nothing but the very best in time, attention and support.  Like the female cardinal chipping  so annoyingly (egad, do those birds ever stop flapping those beaks?)  so cheerfully outside the window here,  I work ceaselessly to secure the very best for all of my little chicks.  That is my splendid purpose in life,  and it is a joy to be so very competent in my role.  Don't mention it, kids.

Good Day to All!

* Those in the Know will recognise the Shakespearean reference above - just another one of those little infusions of literary elegance for which I am famous!  Enjoy!

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