Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nifty Needs YOU!*

* Really!  Read on for exciting details!

Yes, yes, it is another glorious spring day.  Of course,  I am sick to death of the same old, same old!   completely delighted with  the continuation of the same old, unvarying, boring weather! Yegods!  Is there to be no relief from this tedium?  the pleasant springlike weather!  Those in the Know can just imagine how capably I am taking advantage of the sunshine and mild temperatures.  In addition to my usual busy homemaking schedule,  I have now added a seasonal activity:

Gardening!  I have been in the garden more and more lately.  Sometimes, even to work.  Although I did mention this briefly in an earlier post,  the spring had not yet taken hold reliably enough for me to switch into high gear at that juncture.  Now,  however,  after a seemingly endless stretch of the same old sunshiney, mild, boring weather  pleasant stretch of delightful sunny spring weather,  the garden is in sore need of attention.  I can hardly wait to get back to work out there!

Last week (or was that the week before?  It is hard not to become confused as one boringly similar day blends together with the next.  One has to wonder:  is it really too much to ask for a little rain sometimes?   Maybe an exciting thunderstorm or two?  Egad.  <- Hmm,  this might be a little bit of a tangent.  Oh well, who cares!),  I made an excellent start in the garden by doing some light tidying of the beds,  a bit of shrub-trimming and of course,  a few transplants and new plantings.  I kept the additions and the transplanting to a minimum,  however,  because  I planned to have a service come in to do the really heavy lifting- what am I? An Amazon?  I like to give this sort of thing plenty of consideration before plowing ahead. 

Anyway,  I have already treated Those in the Know to a couple of pictures of the fruit of my labours so far,  but later today I hope to get some new photos for your viewing pleasure!   I've had a landscape service in to help me with some more difficult work (digging up some sizable trees and shrubs for transplanting - something which even I,  one who never says "never",  really cannot manage on my own,  fortunately unfortunately) as well as a bit of some major edge-digging and trimming of shrubs and trees which are too high for me to reach safely.

I've been watching with barely restrained impatience  delight as the team has worked away out there today.   I must say it is an irritating nuisance  a rare luxury to be able to putter around inside taking care of various (boring!) indoor chores while a team of slowpokes  experts clears away a few heavy-duty and vexing items on the garden To Do list.  Those in the Know will not be surprised to hear,  however,  that I am dying to get out there and get busy in the garden again!  With a little luck,  I will be able to regale you all with an account of my gardening achievements tomorrow.

Meanwhile, today's To Do list:

To Do

Blog Post (nearly finished! Not bad :))

Laundry (Great Scott!  Don't even mention it--stuck indoors doing boring boring chores--am on the 6th load.  If it isn't nailed down or hidden in a closet or drawer,  I washed it today!)

Start Supper (after I go to grocery store for ingredients for my world-famous Minestrone.  By the way,  remind me to tell you about the fantastic culinary triumph I achieved yesterday! )

Exercise (this is something I will be doing at least four mornings per week, as per Health Nazi guidelines - someone please shoot me)

Gardening (well,  I can hardly do any,  can I?  what with Slowpoke McSlow and his band of snail-paced Slowpokes out there holding me up!)

General housekeeping, tidying, organizing (the secret to my success is that I waste time  cleverly work this sort of thing seamlessly into each and every day.  There's a tip for you.  Don't mention it)

Before I sign off,  let me tell you about the fantastic culinary adventure upon which I took my delighted family yesterday evening!

Oops!  Wait!  I am almost out of time for today's blogging,  so I had better get to the more urgent business of this post:  How YOU can help ME ( aka "Nifty").   I am sure none of Those in the Know have probably noticed,  but my blog has been in danger lately of becoming a little boring unfocused.  This is mainly because I am bored,  unfocused  too busy many days to think of an interesting topic on which to write.  Before I flaked out decided to take a sensible hiatus from the Photo Project until the fall,  that topic provided us all with a delightful ongoing subject of great interest,  not to mention a helpful focus for Yours Truly to structure posts around.

I need your help to find another focus for the blog so that I can shake off the lethargy  continue to bring you enlightening and enriching daily posts.  If my faithful followers can help with ideas,  I would be  likely to use one of them as long as it isn't too lame or boring  very grateful for the assistance!

Good Day to All!

P.S.  I shall attempt to post those garden photos later,  after the incredibly slow bunch of slowpokes  landscape service finishes up.


  1. Any eye candy out there? ;-)

    I dunno about anyone else, Renée, but I don't find your posts boring. And I'm reassured to know that someone else gets 1) as consistently sidetracked as I do, 2) gets excited by culinary adventures, and 3) finds a way to blow off laundry on a regular basis!

  2. 1. well, you can start by telling us about your culinary triumph!

    Actually, for that matter, what about cooking adventures as a focus? Health-nazi food that DOESN'T taste like sludge?

    Looking forward to those pictures!

  3. Karen - not that I noticed. SLOWPOKES just don't strike me as eye-candy, ever! Mind you, my eyes were glued to the current obsession - the garden and its transplants! BTW, thank you for so graciously saying that you, too, get sidetracked and try to avoid laundry! :D

    Kiki, thanks for the great ideas! I'll post the pix now and I will try to remember to post the supper story tomorrow!

  4. I agree with both posts above - not a single blog of yours that I have read has been boring, and ideas/experiences about diet food would be helpful and welcome to a lot of people! Your humor will certainly help as well. :)
    As for me, the first thing that jumped to my mind was the dynamic relationship between siblings. I figure you're an expert! You have four siblings AND you have had five children. I would certainly enjoy your perspective on "big" families! (As I am the eldest sibling of 8!!)
    Then again...there is a reason I don't blog. lol

  5. Melissa, I am definitely not brave enough to take on a subject like that! Some of those people know where I live! LOL

  6. LOL too true!

    I didn't completely think that one through!
    I'll come back with something a little less dangerous. :)