Monday, April 19, 2010

Murder on Monday!*

* Not really,  but I couldn't think of another catchy post title!

What a terrific start to the day!   I was up bright and early to greet that smiling sun,  thanks to Jack's  inhumanly early!  sprightly early morning call.  He traveled to the state capital today (I think so anyway - it's always so hard to keep track of things like this when one forgets to ask is as busy as I am!).  He is going to compete in the World Youth Science and Engineering exams ( mercifully shortened to WYSE  in most correspondence).  That's my boy.  I am as proud as I can be of him not to mention mystified as to where he got his mathematical abilities as I am utterly incompetent at math  delighted that he has been blessed with so many useful talents from my side of the family!  Of course,  his father is a math whiz with a post graduate degree in economics and finance pretty good at math,  but Those in the Know will surely agree that it is from Yours Truly that this child,  like all the others,  has inherited his keen intelligence in addition to outstanding good looks!  I am not one to boast: these are simple facts.

From that ungodly delightful early start,  the rest of the day stretched out full of potential and I,  for one,  am never one to waste potential!   I immediately got down to business on a To Do list for the day,  which,  as Those in the Know will remember,  is a bit of a point of pride for me.  I am nothing if not organized,  and one of my finest organizational ideas is the daily To Do list.  Now,  it is true that I have  completely forgotten all about it  not felt it completely necessary to make To Do lists recently,  but that is because  I was fed up with them  I was too busy to take the time to compose them.

A really useful To Do list requires careful planning and elegant structure.  Too many items on the list will defeat all but the most industrious of persons.  I know one or two people like this and they are freaks indeed very industrious people!   Too few To Dos will encourage me lazy less industrious persons to put off the chores on the list until a rainy day (which,  incidentally,  I've often thought was an idea with tremendous merit  <- who said that?).   Nevertheless,  I think it is preferable to strike a healthy balance between a challenging To Do list and general enjoyment of life.   I am,  naturally,  a master at ensuring that general enjoyment far outpaces daily challenges  this very thing!  Below,  please see an example of my gift for striking the ideal life balance:

To Do for Monday

Blog Post  (always job #1!)

Take Minnie to Groomer (this is always a Monday job)

Laundry  (<- never mind that;  I am sick of laundry)

Start Supper  ( already have a delicious curried beef stew in the crockpot!  Yum!)

Nap (you saw how early I woke up this morning!)

Take boys to orthodontist (after school)


I really think that is quite enough,  actually.  After all,  it is Monday!

Now I must close quickly because it has taken me much too long to finish this post,  as usual  I've been so busy that the day has flown by and it is now just about time to pick up the boys from school!

Good Day to All!


  1. :D you are an inspiration! And I was up obscenely early too, so I feel your pain.

  2. I got up at 10:30. :-) Mind you, I went to bed at 4AM.

    That might explain why I've felt a little sluggish, all day...