Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday, March 5*

Well, what a busy few days I have had!  Obviously, while the photo project and my blog post are top priorities on the daily To Do list, those in the know know that a busy person with many pressing responsibilities must occasionally switch things around a little to make way for new (temporary) top priorities.

I've had so much on my mind that, through no fault of my own, I forgot one of my own children last week on the drive to school.  This was perfectly understandable and could have happened to anybody, but I am sorry to say that Kenny seemed a little miffed when I returned to the house to find him sitting forlornly on the back steps with books and coat beside him.  I really feel that he ought to have thanked me for providing him with the gift of an unexpected mini-break in which to appreciate the beautiful morning.  I am often mystified by the inflexibility of others.  Carpe Diem!:  That's my motto, but sadly, it seems that other people fail miserably at seizing the wonderful opportunities presented to them by helpful relatives and friends.  I'm nothing if not tolerant, however, so with my usual self-restraint,  I refrained from chastising him about this.

And so it was for me this weekend.  It's been a whirlwind, and nothing but my characteristic serenity and exquisite management skills has stood between this household and utter chaos.  Scott didn't arrive home (after nearly two weeks away!) until after midnight Friday night/Saturday morning, and although you know I'm not a complainer, holding down the fort has been quite a trial.  Jessie arrived home for her spring break that same evening, and I barely managed to get to the bus stop in time to pick her up  after dealing with Jack's concert clothes which I forgot to pick up he ought to have mentioned earlier,  and supervising the younger boys' cleaning of the kitchen.  One good thing about having teen-aged children with driving licenses is that one can enlist their aid in fulfilling the myriad errands of a busy household. Unfortunately for me,  Jack was too busy picking up his concert clothes to loop over to pick up Jessie, so I had to do that, too.   In addition to all of that, Kiki and Dennis are arriving this afternoon for an overnight visit and we are also expecting a friend of Jessie's midweek who will be visiting from Canada!

It's all very exciting and I am nothing if not an excellent hostess, but I don't mind sharing with those in the know that it can all be a little vexing when one is always the one who has to do everything!   I said as much to Scott last night as he was preparing our dinner.  It is all very well for him to go traipsing about the country every week without a care in the world,  but someone has to see to it that the home base is running smoothly and happily.  Lucky for him,  I am as fair as I am gently assertive.   I awarded him high marks for that delicious pecan-encrusted pork tenderloin and maple-kissed baked squash,  although I quietly overlooked the disappointing absence of pre-dinner bruschetta to accompany the herb-butter, crisp toastettes and Mount Veeder which he placed at my elbow as I idly toyed with toiled away on the photo project.  One must accentuate the positive,  that is my motto,  and I make it a point to lavish praise upon my loved ones for their small triumphs while tactfully avoiding mention of their many little shortcomings. 

Scott left early this morning with three of the kids to go snowboarding up in Wisconsin, which means I have to do everything to get ready for our BBQ tonight.  Although I am a master at this sort of thing,  I must admit I am finding it a tad challenging, but as usual, I am rising to the occasion beautifully.  The clock has just struck noon and I am still trying to get the lead out crossing items off today's To Do list as quickly as I can add them!

To Do

Check Email (... blog posts, facebook and misc. news, weather and omg! articles on laptop in bed in blessedly quiet house)
Style hair (a pulled-together hostess delights guests; yesterday's visit to the salon is certainly paying off!)
Laundry (strip beds left since last visitors: let's face it, doing this before absolutely necessary is poor time-management)
Change sheets for guests (in progress-sheets in dryer)
Vacuum (tasty, yet messy toastette crumbs in den)
Tidy Kitchen (yes, Scott left a bit of a mess after feeding the 3 kids before taking them on the outing while I slept in again,  but I am not one to fuss)
Blog Post (trying..)
Photo Project (this might be difficult)
Grocery Run (I have to do everything!)
Walk Minnie (to the mailbox and back is plenty- she is an old dog)

As you can see, I've been busy and I will only get busier as this day goes on.  It is now nearly 12:30 and I really must go for the groceries or we will have nothing for Scott to cook to eat for dinner!

Photo Project Update:  In spite of how swamped I have been, I did manage to work on the photo project for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon after I returned from the salon.  I am halfway through the first photo book,  but the pressure is really ramping up now.  The photo book website has sent emails advertising a limited time only discount of 20% off printing for orders submitted by March 10.  Obviously, that doesn't give me much time, but I am determined to get something submitted by midnight in five days!  It will be an effort of heroic proportions,  but as you know,  "hero" is my middle name!

Photo of the day (well, photo of yesterday, obviously):

Easter 1998

*OMGs!  It is not March 5, but March 7!  Even fewer days to make the Photobook deadline!

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