Friday, March 5, 2010

WOWZA! More Followers!

Naturally,  I rarely scroll directly to check notice how many people are following my blog  (I am a very modest woman as those in the know already know), but I couldn't help but notice every day this month as I have been checking several times each day just this evening that the ranks of Those in the Know have swollen to 8!  Another blogger might begin to feel a little smug and self-satisfied but I am nothing if not humble, so you can all (all 8 of you!) rest assured that my naturally pleasant and modest demeanor will not alter one iota just because my popularity appears to be sky-rocketing!

I pledged earlier in the year to send email Thanks to my followers and I certainly would have done if I wasn't such an incredibly busy woman!  In fact, I would have done it even though I am always needed here, there and everywhere, because you know a busy woman (like yours truly) is someone you can always count on!  I don't have everyone's email,  however (PHEW! haha!) so I'll just have to say Thank You right here! 

Thank you!

I'll do my best in spite of the incredible pressure - thanks a heap!  to keep you informed of my progress on the photo project!

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