Thursday, February 25, 2010

What? Is It Tuesday Again?

Another gorgeous white and yellow and blue morning!  As usual,  I am fresh, focused and ready to surprise and amaze everyone with my industry and competence!  Yes, yesterday was uniquely challenging, but I am nothing if not determined and I will not be swayed from my purpose today!

I tell you, it is a joy to awaken to sunshine (and actually to daylight) again!  I was so pleased this morning to see the lightening sky that I snuggled down for a couple of more well-deserved minutes in my warm bed before going to call the boys.  There is something of perfect bliss about a cold, clear morning, the rising sun in the window and a few quiet moments to enjoy the warmth and comfort.  I've noticed lately that time seems suspended on these winter mornings, provided I awaken early enough.  I have a gift for that, by the way.   I only need to envision the next morning's desired wake-up time and I will definitely open my eyes at the appointed time (or perhaps five minutes before).  This is a lovely gift, because I detest alarms and have often thought that waking up to one is akin to poking oneself with a cattle prod;  possibly effective but not a strategy guaranteed to set up a day of calmness and joy.  Before I knew I had this excellent internal alarm clock,  I used to set my alarm to "radio"  on a classical radio station at very low volume.  That's perfect.  One doesn't need a jarring blast to awaken in the mornings, just a softly introduced new aural stimulus in the pre-dawn quiet will do.  It lifts one gently up out of sleep and smilingly into a newborn day.  There's a tip for you. You're welcome.

On the drive to school, we listened to the recap of the Olympics, among other news stories.  Speaking of news stories, how did I miss that the president of Nigeria has been absent from his own country for 3 months?!  I'm sure that has to be unsettling to Nigerian citizens.  I wish I knew more about Nigeria.  I remember it was the only African country I can recall being discussed in depth in my college Poli-Sci classes.  Mind you, I can't remember a thing that was said back then--who can pay attention to all that droning on and on about dull world events!  All listening and no daydreaming makes Renée want to slit her wrists-- but obviously, there must have been significant events in the 1970's, though Zeus only knows what.  Anyway, it appears that their VP has been stepping in to hold down the fort, which is probably a good idea. It makes me think back to the last presidential election here in the USA.  Imagine if a similar scenario had played out here but with John McCain and Sarah Palin in the White House.  Yegods!   There's a nightmarish mental image that I wish I hadn't allowed in.  Distraction. Immediately.

Where was I?  Oh yes, the Olympics.  I've been watching the nightly coverage, spellbound, ever since the opening ceremonies.  There's just nothing like the Olympics!  It doesn't matter if you like or dislike the announcers or the coverage or the sponsorship or whatever else people find to gripe about--what is the matter with people, anyway?-- these Games stand on their own.  Nothing can ruin them,  because they carry their own drama;  victory, defeat, joy, despair and so many thrilling moments.  My favorite events have been the ice-skating, skiing, and all nordic events...well nearly every winter sport, to tell the truth, although I could do without too much snowboard tricks coverage.  I'm not saying it isn't a sport worth watching, but somehow I think it is more fun to do than to watch, do you know what I mean?  I don't want to be critical,  but there could definitely have been more coverage of the ice-skating, bobsledding and even the snowboard cross races (which at least are races!) and not quite so much air time wasted devoted to this upstart new Olympic sport.

Many athletes have faced challenges which would have crushed regular human beings.  That alpine skier whose face appears on the screen roughly every 23 seconds is a case in point.  You have to admire her grit and determination, skiing through the excruciating pain of a 3-week-old shin contusion to the gold medal.  The media (and the athlete herself) never missed an opportunity to remind us of her injured status, so the medal just seems that much more precious because of it, not to mention the blanket television coverage of her every emotion, every text message with her husband and what she ate for supper last night.  I, personally, can't get enough of it.

Those Europeans with their lightning-fast charges down the hill do not impress me like our own golden girl--I've already forgotten Anja Paerson's (she is Swedish ... or is she Austrian?  well, it isn't important) spectacular crash, multiple contusions on legs, back and hips who the very next day skied quietly to a bronze medal.  She didn't mention it every 5 minutes and neither did our media and rightly so;  it simply doesn't compare to the hardships our own darling faced and continues to face.  Yesterday's crash in the fog was a heartbreaker,  to be sure, as she was skiing a winning time, so the fact that she continued to absorb all the spotlight around the event for the rest of the day is completely understandable.  Who really cares who wins now?  Julia who?  Compared to the incredible challenges that The Face of the 2010 Olympics has endured and shared with us ad infinitum,  little whiners like Petra Majdic should just pull the curtain around that hospital bed and spare us her histrionics.  Continuing to compete and winning a bronze medal after a crash which caused 3 broken ribs and a collapsed lung is pure drama queen,  let's call it like it is.  If she had half the pressure, difficulties and excruciating pain to contend with as Vonn did,  she'd know what real challenges are.

I'm relieved that NBC recognises a true Olympian and continues to saturate the coverage every evening with mind-numbing appropriate minutiae background stories about the unimportant, unrelated daily activities of such a fabulous Olympian.  I couldn't care less what Petra Majdic or Anja Paerson did to ski through agonizing pain with barely a public murmur, and I am glad that NBC did not waste any air time talking about it. What matters is knowing every detail of Lindsay Vonn's cheese therapy, every wince of excruciating pain as she straps on her boots, and every single eyelash bat,  flick of golden hair and teary acknowledgment of how she skied through excruciating pain and uncertainty and yet has triumphed like the true amazing heroine she knows she is, deep down inside though no one would ever guess.  That's the stuff I tune in to watch.

I've spent perhaps a little too much time on this blog post now, and it might set me back a bit on my To Do list, but, as usual, I will persevere!   I am nothing if not resolved!

Photo Project Update:  Look, you saw yesterday's post.  Who could get anything done under those circumstances?

I am off to make up my To Do list and on to conquer the beast!

Good Day to All!

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