Wednesday, February 24, 2010

After All, It's Wednesday

There are several things on my mind today.  However, I am having that distressingly frequent problem of absolutely no ability to express any of them.

Well, it is Wednesday, after all.  Perhaps the mid-week lull has set in.

Yesterday's plans went slightly awry, although through no fault of my own.  After my stellar launch of the day, I got a little tied up with gazing at sorting through photos again.  There is almost no way to get to scanning if the photos are a chaotic shuffle of dates, places and faces!  I know I started to organize them again, but what I did with most of the afternoon has gone a little fuzzy in my memory.   I did run through a couple of loads of laundry and walked the dog briefly, but where the other 3 or 4 hours went, I can't tell you.

The only thing I can tell you is that I didn't scan many photos, the den is in utter disarray and I'm not sure what is done or not done on the To Do list.  Mainly because I didn't make out a To Do list.  But, that wasn't really my fault;  On my way to the den after my marvelous morning start,  I passed a magazine on the coffee table which caught my eye.  Reading an article about spontaneity in there had almost convinced me that To Do lists are pass√©,  too regimented, even counter-productive, while living a list-free and spontaneous life is the only way to live life fully.  I was doubtful,  I have to confess,  yet ever open-minded,  I was determined to give the hypothesis a fair trial.  Sheer folly!

The cardinal rule for life is to have a To Do list for each day and to stick to it!  I've known this all along, and I usually adhere strictly to this policy,  but I am nothing if not spontaneous,  which can sometimes lead to surprising results.  Like lost afternoons.  But, no matter;  I have everything under control, and I never waste time regretting what is in the past.

Although it is now 1:00 PM and there are only a few hours left today,  I will get right down to business with the scanning.  Or, actually, the improving of already scanned photos- I believe that was where I left off?-- wait!  I think I was going to finish 1997 first, then burn CDs.    Although, I can't burn CDs until the photos are improved, can I?  Blast!  Where is that darn To Do list?

I'm going to have to get back to you.

Good Day, All!

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