Saturday, September 19, 2009

...Drink Tea!

Ah yes...the point of the previous post was to mention how drinking tea might factor into this whole equation. That is why it was in the post title. Unfortunately, I was in such a rush to post the damn opening anything dammit!... that I committed the fatal error of not relating my post to the title.

HAHA! Easy to see that I am going to be a champ at this blogging thing! :o

When I told my daughter, the writer, what my blog name was going to be she said (right after "YOU ARE STARTING A BLOG? FINALLY?"), "I like that title, but I would probably have written it 'THINK WRITE DRINK TEA' ".


Yeah---it truly is a toss-up some days which is more essential to coherent consciousness; breathing? or drinking tea? My children quite possibly spent their toddler years imprinting in their brains an image of me with a spare appendage--the mug of tea attached to my fingers from sunrise to sunset. My daughter wasn't kidding (much) when she thought that 'drink tea' was roughly equivalent to 'breathe' in my hierarchy of needs.

So, definitely, to drink tea may be an essential step in getting this blog off the starting block--Egad! did I say that word?--and off to a running, or at least jogging (I'll settle for a sedate, but purposeful, walking) start.

Gone to boil the kettle now.

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