Saturday, September 19, 2009

Think, Write, Breathe, Drink Tea!

There seems to be a general rule about writing---when too much of it is unwelcome, some of us (and by "some of us" I mean "me") are utterly unable to stop the flow---words words words, pour out of the blazing brain and onto the page or keyboard like a thundering verbal Niagara Falls. But when an appropriate venue for description, elaboration and pontification is actually sitting before us (and by "us", you know I mean "me"), the mighty falls dry up.

I don't know if it is writer's block---doesn't one have to actually be a writer--or at least have been able to produce something serviceable on purpose and at will--before there can be a drop in production or a production block?

I guess what I have is more like writer's impotence. I want to produce, and I can produce when the time isn't right, but when it is time to truly perform---well, my bursting little writer's brain suddenly deflates and all creative and philosophical ideas dissipate into the ether as if they had never been.

It's pretty frustrating!

Hopefully, daily bashing away at this blog may force my reluctant brain to begin to connect synapses between the thinking parts and the writing parts and the meaningful action parts. :)

Meanwhile, I will get this blog rolling by including some older essays that I had written for various (usualy highly inappropriate) occasions. There's no guarantee that I will be able to produce a single proper blog entry right here where it is appropriate to do so, but hopefully, if I tinker with the brain wiring long enough, I may eventually be able to do it!

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