Sunday, April 15, 2012

Housekeeping Notes...

My regular readers may have noticed a little change up yonder in the navigation bar - I registered my own domain name yesterday!  The moment I did so, however, I realized that I must have completely lost my mind. I have no idea how to set the new domain up for my blog. I wasted about an hour quite a long time trying to find a help page that could even point me in the right direction, before quitting in a fit of pique  giving up in frustration.

I know nothing about web design, web hosting or anything else connected with the actual operation of computers. This is not false modesty (oh, I wish!), but a simple statement of fact.  Really, it is an understatement of fact, because few words can describe my sheer incompetence with computers. Obviously, my ritual of pouring a glass of wine to fortify me when tackling vexing computer-related issues is the one sensible thing I am able to point to in this story, but the rest was a disaster!

Actor portraying your frustrated correspondent
It may have all worked out just fine if I had had even the most elementary introduction to how computers work and basic keyboarding. Instead, Mr. Nifty dragged yours truly into the modern era, kicking and screaming, in the mid-1990's and soon thereafter left me to fend for myself. The intervening years have not been pretty.

I am not one to complain, but there are some things that are just ridiculously over-complicated and personal computers are the worst. I can never remember how to open programs or even to find things in my own files and the computer experiences regular meltdowns because I forget how to do the simplest operations. Actually, I barely know how to use a keyboard, either, having never learned it when I was younger and now being too old to learn these newfangled tricks!

As a matter of fact, I have been meaning to have a word with the gods about this.  I want to know why I had to suffer the misfortune of being born too late for the computer revolution? Really, it is all too much! Personal computers were just becoming a thing in the couple of years after I graduated from university. Yes, I made my way through college without the internet, without word processing - I hand-wrote most of my term papers and all of my essays! - and without any understanding whatsoever about any of the new technologies coming right up behind me. Life is so unfair!!
Huh? Speak for yourself!

Let us be perfectly frank: when it comes to computer technology, I am as ignorant and helpless as a baby. No wait, a baby would probably be ahead of me in this game. Aren't they training youngsters in basic keyboarding and DOS and fortran and all that nonsense in utero these days? It seems like that to me.

Anyway, in keeping with my usual thoughtless impulsivity mature reflection,  I decided to register my domain name in preparation for the hordes of internet traffic that will never  eventually  soon be visiting my blog every day, without a doubt!

Eventually, I managed to find help*, and figured out how to simply redirect this blog to that web domain and here we are!  It really is very simple for calm, capable people like Your Able Correspondent.

Nothing to see here!
Situation under control
Except that when I logged on this morning to check on my favorite bloggers from my blog list, the blog list was gone!  Searching frantically through random files and clicking crazily on every link I could find, I soon managed to create more chaos than is imaginable on one desktop put everything more or less to rights. True, files have been moved and stuffed wherever I may or may not have remembered they belong, and the desktop is cluttered with more zips and pix and other junk than you can shake a stick at, but I have everything under control!

I have gone through and put my favorite blogs links all back on here, but who knows what else may have been dropped into the internet void during the migration!  The horror!  I may never figure any of this out properly, but I plan to lurch haphazardly onward with my usual impatience  continue to work diligently toward my usual outstanding results!

I hope my regular readers will help out by letting me know if they notice anything that seems wonky on my blog, or if anything has gone mysteriously missing.  It is probable  possible that I may have  brought about blog armageddon overlooked one or two things during the transition!  Not to worry, though!  In no time at all I will have restored the blog to full operating capacity, tamed the internet demons and once again be sitting down to write daily at a desk that looks like this:

Artist's rendition the future workspace of Your Faithful Scribe

Back to the NiftyUniverse forthwith!  Good Day to All!

*Pro-tip:   Type: "How the #$#!! do I set up my blog?" in the google window-thingie and voilà!  Step-by-step instructions. You're welcome.

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