Saturday, October 1, 2011


Right out of the gate,  I must complain  comment on the stupidity  mystery of today's Homecoming Race (cross country running) being held not at the park near school,  not even in town, but in CHICAGO!  What in the world?!  I am the most easy-going of personalities,  but somehow this seems inconvenient and illogical even to me!  Nevertheless,  I sent Edward off well-fed and well-primed to win! to do his best this morning.  Well, in point of fact,  Scott sent him off while I was still fussing with  preparing my coffee.  I laughingly told them to go on without me,  but of course I did not mean that!

I stepped outside into the glorious early morning sunshine just in time to see the back of the car as they sped off to meet the van which was taking Edward to the event.  I was furious!  flabbergasted!  They were running a little late because I just had to have my coffee warmed up and mixed just so  because Scott wasted a lot of time getting Edward his breakfast,  but I really feel that some people could have waited a few more minutes!

When I recovered from my explosion of fury  momentary shock, I turned back to go inside and realized that I had locked myself out!  This could happen to anyone, of course, although it does seem to happen to me with distressing frequency!  I really must have a word with Scott because it is surely some fault with the lock mechanism.  

I am sure that the rest of today will go more smoothly.  We have a lot to squeeze into a few short hours, but I am confident that I will be able to whip everyone into shape  to help everyone to enjoy the day to the fullest! 

Tonight, the younger boys have the Homecoming Dance (for which I have already kitted them out with my usual flare!).  That will come after the Homecoming Soccer game this afternoon, which Kenny will play. I plan to be there.  After I take Jack shopping for winter long could that possibly take?  I will just nip out before to pick up the boys' trousers and corsages and then loop around to pick up Jack (he is at the alumni game now). The boys also need to meet at a friends' house at 3:30 for pictures, etc and have a dinner reservation for 4:45.   It is Scott's birthday, too, and naturally I have not had a moment to even think about it  I have everything in hand for a nice little birthday supper.  No problem at all. I am sure there is time to do everything and to do it well! 

Perhaps it would be wise to make a To Do list just to be sure:

To Do

1. 11:00 - Pay bills because leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks. (Ha! Done! I did it while online for car license stickers and booking hotel for tomorrow night on the road.  I am amazing!)

2. 11:00 - Pick up dress pants at Men's Wearhouse. (Leaving in a jiffy;  it is in south part of town)

3. 11:00 -Pick up corsages. (cleverly ordered several days ago, I can just nip over there while out; it is in east-central part of town, but that should only be 5-10 minutes' drive)

4. 11:00-1:00 - Alumni Game.  (obviously, I cannot make it, but Jack will be there!)

5. 12:00- Take Jack for winter essentials after Alumni Game(must pick him up first at school in west-center of town, then go to mall at extreme east end of town;  no problem as these locations are only 20-30 minutes apart).

6. 12:00 - Allow at least 2 hours for shopping with Jack (no problem).

7. 1:00- 3:30  - Soccer Game!  Root for Kenny!

8. 1:00- Pick up Edward. Take him to soccer field to join us watching game.

9. 1:00 - Prepare an excellent lunch for my family. (Hmm. This might not work, as no one is home. Oh well).

10. 1:00 - Shop for birthday supper ingredients. (I know this will be special!)

11. 3:00 - Make sure both boys are showered and dressed for Homecoming pictures and evening of relaxed fun!

12. 3:45 - Check watch as game inevitably goes into overtime,  and have not left field yet to do items 2-11)

13. 3:46 - Experience total meltdown.

Hmmm...this is only a partial list and I am not quite sure if it will be possible to do the rest of the things on the list.  However, as Those in the Know are well aware, I am nothing if not resourceful and creative.  I am confident that Scott I will think of something!  I may try to update later,  but as you can surely gather,  I am a very busy woman!  I do not want to hear any whining!

First thing's first.  I think a nice cup of tea will fortify me for the busy day ahead.  Oops!  It is 1:00 now!  I had better plug in the kettle quickly!

Good Day to All!

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