Monday, September 26, 2011

Rainy Monday in September

Good Morning to all Those in the know!

Actually,  I would like to be able to sincerely say this is a good morning,  but the glowering grey sky and steady, soaking rain that is falling have other ideas, I am afraid!  It is really a bit much.  Certainly,  it is true that only the other day as Scott  I was watering the parched plants in my flower pots,  I was complaining bitterly  musing contentedly that we have had an  endless, miserable  extended, lovely  stretch of dry, sunny weather but the fact remains that one overnight of steady rainfall would have more than sufficed! 

We had a busy weekend here,  what with one thing or another.  On Saturday,  Edward was running in a cross-country event just out of town at a very nice Forest Preserve.  I like to go to my childrens' sports events if I have nothing better to do  as often as I possibly can,  and Saturday was no exception.  Although,  if I had known that it was going to be cold and drizzly,  I might have thought twice about it! Even though it was cold and drizzly,  I did not think twice about it!  Obviously, a little discomfort would definitely  never keep me away from cheering my son on in his race!

I do have several  one little complaint observation to make, however.  I simply cannot understand why my Edward,  clearly the most outstanding young man there that day,  did not run away with the gold medal!  He burst out of the starting lineup with a commanding lead, and I made sure that I was halfway onto the track, screaming instructions  visible on the sidelines, cheering him on!  As soon as he blew past us,  I naturally began to hurry across the track to cheer him on at the first bend in the route as it doubled back through the woods.  To be perfectly frank, I think the way that Scott yanked me back off the track before I caused a pile up of runners still to come was a unnecessarily abrupt. I was forced to really run to get to my next position in time to catch Edward and pass on the sterling motivational advice for which I am so famous. 

I am not sure that I will ever fully understand the teenage psyche.  Edward began the race with all appearances of total enjoyment.  Mind you,  though I am always reluctant to point out the missteps of others,  I am forced to say that it appeared that he was enjoying himself a little too much;  trotting along smilingly and even chatting in a friendly fashion with his enemies  his opponents when he ought to have been fiercely focused on winning at all costs  properly focused on competing to the best of his ability,  which would have ensured that he could have won!!!  could have finished nearer to the top ten.  I wish I had a photo to illustrate this point,  but I was fortunately unfortunately without my camera on Saturday.  BLAST!!  Oh well.

Anyway,  I did what no any conscientious mother would do.  I screamed diabolically  shouted encouragement from the sidelines,  practically knocked people over knocked myself out as I raced from one vantage point to the next from where I screeched, "Run 'em over, Edward!"   called out, "Looking good, Edward!".  Those in the Know are well aware that I am my childrens' biggest tormentor  cheerleader,  so you will not be surprised to learn that I received a dark look a bright smile from my athletic son as he flew past me.  Undeterred  Encouraged,  I hurried to each vantage point along the course,  crashing through the forest between race pathways with wild abandon, shrieking hysterically, "Mow 'em down, Edward!"  making my way to the next checkpoint through the forest with care,  shouting bracingly, "Keep up the good work, Edward!".

In the end,  Edward placed 26th,  a result that I consider to be infuriating! pretty darn good!  Those other runners just got lucky  ran their hearts out,  so I am able to accept the result begrudgingly  with good grace.  The parents of the top ten runners no doubt went around bragging in an unseemly fashion (as I would surely have done)  (as I would never have done,  obviously),  but I am above that sort of thing.  Anyway, who cares?  Next race, we he will surely win!!  With Your Faithful Scribe on the sidelines, cheering him on,  TITK can be assured that Edward cannot avoid total humiliation  fail!

In other news,  it is Spirit Week at the boys' school which means -  yes, as usual -  a great deal of work for Yours Truly!  I am not one to complain,  but Those in the Know ought to remember just how feckless and unreliable  devoted and helpful I always am when it comes to the boys' school activities.  As I believe I have mentioned before,  I am always first in line to volunteer for the easiest jobs  the most challenging and time-consuming jobs,  although somehow I always manage to avoid doing anything at all   manage to have a lovely time working with the young people!  The boys hate it  love it when I volunteer.  Truly,  volunteerism at one's children's school is something I heartily recommend!  Your children will dread  cherish every moment you spend in the school hallways, chatting with their classmates and sharing little bits of wisdom.  My sons are so mortified  proud of their "hip"* mom!  So far, they haven't asked me to do anything this week,  but I am sure they never will unless threatened  will mention some important task soon!

While I have several other topics I had planned to discuss today,  I see that I have lost interest in writing, as usual  run out of time, as usual.  Never mind, my friends!  I will probably definitely be back tomorrow!  Until then,

Good Day to All!

* "Hip" is the groovy new lingo meaning cool,  up-to-date, enviable, etc.  In other words, moi

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