Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Do You Mean, Where Have I Been?

In case any of you were wondering,  I have been here, there and everywhere!  And, in case any of you had forgotten,  I am a very busy woman™!!

Nevertheless,  I am nothing if not  a slacker  accommodating,  so of course while I am irritated pleasantly surprised by the lack of interest,  I am,  as always,  delighted to provide another blog post.  I will endeavor to recap the past couple of months for the reading pleasure of all Those in the Know™.

I am pretty sure convinced that it hasn't been all that long since I posted last.  Surely, I posted about the Royal Wedding (though why I bothered, I cannot tell you,  since the Powers That Be dropped the ball there on the invitation for Yours Truly) in April.  Oh, hold on a moment:  I see that I did not, in fact, publish that rant post due to my utterly foul-humoured fit of pique  the uninteresting nature of the subject.  Suffice to say that TITK™ need look no further than my blog for a recount of the true Wedding of the Century:  the wedding of my daughter, Katherine!

Actually, TITK™ could look no further than my blog for that masterful account but you may not have any luck finding it....yet!  I have simply been so lazy!  so busy!  Who has time to finish blog posts when one is joyfully occupied with arranging and hosting the most highly anticipated event of the season  year  decade  century!!  Never mind Catherine Middleton;  the only truly riveting bride this year was our Katherine,  beautiful daughter of Your Faithful Scribe!  Look for that wonderful post eventually soon!

Another post that I flaked out on before finishing  am sure I put up here was about our latest renovation.  We had hoped to be finally finished with all renovations on this money pit house.  Not, I hasten to clarify, that there was no more work to be done.  I imagine that if one were willing to continue to pour money, building materials and blood, sweat and tears into this hell hole house,  one could find endless new things to renovate.  It was just a question of when to accept defeat and to declare it "good enough".  By "good enough",  mind you,  I really do mean good enough and not "barely fit for human habitation" on the one extreme (it is better than that, bien sûr*) or "described with false modesty, but actually palatial" on the other.  The state of this house at the moment is "good enough",  but only after the last, unavoidable renovation.

However,  that is much too long a story to get into on a blog post designed to bring TITK™ up to date on my marvelous life.  Stay tuned for the renovation-specific posting which will possibly surely follow eventually - maybe  within the next couple of days!  As I have mentioned before, I am a very busy woman,  so I will brook no complaints.

Following the Wedding of the Century,  we naturally slipped into a temporary semi-coma took it a little easier for the next couple of weeks before embarking on our annual summer road trip to South Carolina.  Actually, by "we" I should really clarify that it was Yours Truly who actually did the road trip - with six delighted passengers enduring enjoying the entire experience!  My better  other half merely jetted in after a grueling  refreshing little jaunt overseas for a few meetings and whatnot.

The road trip was very difficult for everyone but me me,  but with my characteristic pleasantly competent manner,  I managed to ensure that all arrived exhausted, frustrated and utterly fed up with me  excited, fresh and completely ready for fun!!   The blog post that I have been working on about the road trip and the vacation which followed will probably never be written no doubt be up for your viewing pleasure very soon!  That little incident at the gas station in North Carolina may or may not be included.  I really do not understand why people become so agitated about every little thing that happens!  And those remarks about barely averted catastrophe while true were, in my opinion, totally uncalled for.   Honestly, it could happen to anyone!  I will preserve the dignity that others have unfortunately failed to display and say no more about it.

I had better close for now.  As usual,  I am much in demand!  It was very challenging to even find the time to post this update,  but in my usual thoughtful way,  I have made the supreme effort in order to deliver the post to my non-existent legions of fans!  Think nothing of it!

(Celebrating a recent occasion -  not really important)

* One of  my legendary touches of sophistication for TITK™ who no doubt have sorely missed my helpful little pearls of wisdom!  "Bien sûr" means "doggone right"! en français.  You're welcome.