Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break Begins!

Good Afternoon to all Those in the Know!   I know that it is surprising to hear from me in the afternoon;  I normally write whenever I get around to it  promptly every morning,  but today was a necessary exception!

It is the first day of the boys' spring break and we have had a simply marvelous day!  We arose disgustingly late  bright and early (old time (not DST) -  which, let us be frank, is the only civilized time) to the cheering sight of spring sunshine and the obnoxious racket  delightful symphony of birdsong!

 I We had several items left to do on our pre-spring break trip To Do list,  which Scott we immediately began to tackle.   Here is the list:

To Do

1. Bills  (of course I should have finished them started them last week!  Efficiency is my middle name!)

2. Cleaning (the boys got down to work early-ish)

3. Clear out closets and move furniture for hardwood floor refinishing on Tuesday.  (strictly speaking, we did not have to do this, but after hours of whining and pointed remarks from me  a little thought, Scott decided to get that job done today).

4. Laundry (let us not kid ourselves;  laundry is never crossed off,  because laundry is never finished!)

5. Start Supper (are you kidding?  Did you see how busy I was today?  Dining out - obviously!)

6. Empty china cabinet. (I had planned to do this,  naturally,  but Scott gave in decided to surprise me)

7. Spray peach tree. (Jack is looking forward to some juicy fruit this summer!)

As TITK can see,  it has been an extremely busy day, and the day is not over yet!

 I just came in from the garden where I have begun the annual spring cleanup!  Certainly,  I would have begun it,  anyway,  if not for the fact that it is already 5:20 PM,  and even working in my typical haphazard manner  at top speed,  it was almost impossible to get  this ^ much accomplished in a single day, much less a single day minus one hour.  What I would like to know is how do the Powers that Be sleep at night,  knowing that they have stolen an hour out of the days of highly productive citizens/residents like Yours Truly?  Daylight Saving Time is an abomination!

 Nevertheless, in my usual energetic way,  I at least tidied up around the patio, returned the chairs to their normal positions and picked up a little of the winter refuse that seems to gather in corners and under bushes.  There is a great deal yet to be done, but it will have to wait until I return in early April.  By that time, I expect that the ice will have completely melted off the pond and the garden will have dried out just enough for me to begin a serious cleanup.  I am so excited!

Meanwhile,  the boys and I will be happily ensconced in Hilton Head, soaking up a little rejuvenating sunshine and taking care of various chores down there, too.  We will have an especially pleasant 10 days there this spring because their Aunty Deb is going to fly down to join us for a long weekend next week! We cannot wait!  Scott will also be there for that long weekend.  We are all looking forward to it very much!

I must sign off for now and get back to packing and plotting my route for the trip tomorrow.  The boys and I are going to make a run for it - drive as far as we can - tomorrow.  If we can make it all the way, we will.  If we need to stop,  we will do that.  Therefore, do not expect a post from me for a day or so  (what am I, a machine?  You will be lucky to hear from me all week!)  I shall be busy driving!  I do not want to hear any whining about it.

Good day to all!

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