Monday, August 23, 2010

It is Not Perfect, but I will Take It!

My ability to gain access to this blog has been severely retarded for most of the summer due,  no doubt,  to my incompetence with computers what I suspect are gremlins hovering in the ether surrounding my computer.   This has been an extremely frustrating state of affairs!  Be that as it may,  however,  with my usual penchant* for making lemons out of lemonade I have used the time wisely alternating between complaining loudly and completely forgetting about my blog on other projects.

The other night,  my son helped a little by deselecting "block pop ups" in my browser menu and giving me a few other pointers which I forget now, which I suppose might be helpful one day.  Those in the Know are well aware that I am not one to complain,  but it really seems that one's children could make more of an effort at honoring their parents - particularly their long-suffering and devoted mothers!  But, I am nothing if not forgiving, and I certainly appreciated that very little bit of help!

Of course,  even after deselecting "block pop ups",  the new post window won't sit still for a split second.  It is so irritating!  I have had to employ every ounce of my concentration as well as my prodigious quick reflexes to pounce on the page when it flashes by.  I more or less snare it mid-flash and that is how I grab a composition window.   Luckily,  my lightning-quick reflexes are legendary -  see my earlier blog post regarding the fortunate fieldmouse who can certainly vouch for this fact! - but I am forced to concede that this convoluted process is more than a little boring! more than a few times I had to resort to NCIS reruns just to refresh my brain!  vexing.

Anyway, who cares!  I am here now and I am sure Those in the Know will agree that that is all that matters!

I was planning to post a To Do list today in order to get more organized.  Naturally,  I am notorious famous for my lack of organization skills,  but from time to time my slapdash, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants "method" results inevitably in total chaos  even I can benefit from a little exercise in scheduling.  Unfortunately, however, through no fault of my own,  the day has sped by rather more quickly than necessary and my list remains like this:

To Do



Do not be fooled by the above into thinking that I have not accomplished anything yet today.  On the contrary!  I have had Minnie to the groomer,  have worked on this blog post and I have driven the boys to and from school and to and from the orthodontist.  As a matter of fact,  really the only thing I did not do was finish the To Do list!

Now, I will continue this productive streak by completing my To Do list:

To Do

1. Bring boys to school. (check!)

2. Bring Minnie to groomer. (check!)

3. Pick Minnie up. (check!)

4. Pick boys up. (check!)

5. Remind boys to get themselves some lunch.(<- nearly forgot this one!)  (check!)

6. Drive boys to orthodontist. (check!)

7. Drive boys home. (check!)

8. Work on blog post. (check!)

Just look at this list!  Eight items finished before 2:30 PM!  Sometimes I amaze even myself!

Now,  it is true that there were a few other trifling items which I also had planned to do today,  but they are hardly worth mentioning.  I am nothing if not thorough,  however,  so here is the ridiculously exhaustive list:

To Do

1. Make out To Do list.  (Obviously unnecessary as you can see by my amazing productivity!)

2. Drive boys to school. (check!)

3. Clean/organize kitchen. (Really,  what is the point?)

4. Laundry. (The never-ending chore;  need I say more?)

5. Grocery Store. (They were paving the parking lot;  anyone would have given up when faced with having to walk all the way around the newly paved patch which,  I would like to point out,  was directly in front of the door!  Of course I got right back in my car and drove off.  Ridiculous!)

6. Start Supper. (Well, I could hardly do that without groceries, now, could I?)

7. Pick up Minnie. (check!)

8. Pick up boys. (check!)

9. Remind boys to make lunch. (And I gave them helpful nutrition advice, too! check!)

10. Drive boys to orthodontist. (check!)

11. Attempt groceries again since store right across street from orthodontist's office. (The pavers had extended the wet pavement lines three deep in front of the doors.  One of them thought he was being helpful shouting and waving to me to cross at a certain point.  "You should be OK there!" declared the oblivious (and possibly blind) paver.  Should be?  Not bloody likely!  I got right back in my car and drove off.)

12. Pick boys up at orthodontist. (check!)

13. Pay bills. (Yegods!  They just never end, do they?  Well, it is all a bit much today, so I am putting it off.  Totally understandable).

14.  There is no 14,  but I felt that 13 items sounded unlucky.  I am not at all superstitious,  but there is no need to tempt fate,  in my opinion!

There is so much to write about and to catch up on after such a busy summer!  However,  I am a busy woman and have already spent far too long on this post today.   I will endeavor to bring my faithful readers up to speed tomorrow!

Good Day to all!

* As always,  your faithful scribbler is ever ready with a sophisticated reference!  Penchant is a reference to just about every European novel I have ever read the meaning of which I haven't the foggiest idea.  It means one who is the soul of sophistication (moi,  au naturel!).


  1. Lol. I'm jealous - your darlings are back in school?

    It's just such a relief to read your list-making sensibilities, (and wandering-and-occasionally-petulant inability to execute their contents) .... Renée - you make me feel normal! ;-)

  2. You're back!!!!!!!!!!!! It's about time. :D