Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School!

  One of my esteemed fellow writers commented yesterday that my boys are back in school already.  This is true!   Yesterday was the first day,  but a half day.  Today was the first full day back to school.  Here is the annual BTS photo:
My high school freshmen! I can hardly believe it!

In other news, we are having our roof replaced this week.  I hate to say it,  but the roofing firm has let down the side rather disappointingly.  For one thing,  a job which ought to have been completed in under a week has dragged on for two,  and I am quite sure that the itemized list of extra chores I presented to them has anything to do with this,  no matter what they say!  But worse,  I had to take the annual BTS photo by the garage instead of the front door,  which is simply not good enough.  Sure,  the back to school flag can be seen in this picture, which is all very well,  but the photo itself is too distant to appreciate just how handsome and intelligent my sons are!  Oh well,  perhaps in a few days those roofers will be finished and I can take another.  Although,  it is really second-rate to do this a week or more after the fact.  How annoying!

Look at this mess!
I have to wonder if all this chaos is really necessary.  I am not one to nitpick,  as TITK know,  but I really feel that this job could have been completed with far less fuss and inconvenience to yours truly!

I am currently rushing to complete several important tasks before packing for yet another trip up north.  I am leaving at the inhuman hour of 4AM for the airport and am flying to Newfoundland on a 7AM flight.   With so much depending on me,  I will once again make out a To Do list.

To Do

1. Drive boys to school. (check)

2. Take Minnie to vet for annual shots and checkup. (check)

3. Start laundry. (yes, yes. check)

4. Groceries. (leaving as soon as blog post completed)

5. Start dinner. (Thai red curry in the crock pot - a culinary masterpiece I created last winter!)

6. Pack for trip

In my own inimitable style,  I have created order out of chaos!   I am nothing if not a miracle-worker,  but modesty prevents me from saying so.

I am so glad to be blogging again!

Good Day to All!

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