Sunday, June 27, 2010

(Brief) Hiatus

Some people have been complaining about the fact that I have not posted an entry in this blog for several days.  (Not enough people, mind you:  considering what a fine service I provide to my readers,  one would think the hue and cry would have been deafening!).  It is all very well for others,  but I am a busy woman and there are times when random, idle amusements  other important business must take precedence.  While this has not really been such a time,  it could very well have been!

As usual,  I have been wasting time on foolishness  hard at work on various vital tasks and life has been jam-packed with incredible and thrilling events.  I forget what, exactly,  but Those in the Know can rest assured that they were all vital and thrilling!  Once or twice,  I had a wonderful inspiration for a blog post but I managed to overcome the impulse and get back to wasting time,  as is often the case,  I was simply too busy to post!

Edward,  Kenny and I are in South Carolina now and loving every minute!  Just the other morning,  as they  we  they (mostly) carried bags and bags of groceries to the villa in the stifling heat (listen,  I had just had a manicure,  so carrying heavy bags in that heat was out of the question),  I told the boys how glad I was to be there with my two slaves fine sons!  I am nothing if not a devoted mother,  and this trip is all about me seeing to it that the boys have a wonderful summer vacation!

Scott srrived on Friday night,  along with our friends Jeanne and Walter (well, J and W drove down,  while Scott flew here from a business trip -  but they practically arrived at the same time).  It feels like all is (almost) right with the world now,  with our dear friends here and decktime back in full swing (same time, different place). Although to complete the picture,  it would be nice to do this with all of the kids nearby,  and several of our beloved neighbors and friends in attendance, too!   I don't think this is asking too much of everyone,  and I said as much to Scott the other night as he was folding our laundry (I am such a good companion, as well as a model wife and mother -  I never fail to provide my spouse with invigorating conversation any time, day or night,  no matter what he is doing.  I am happy to report that I regularly see him flushing with invigoration after one of my tirades our conversations,  though he is always gallant and allows me to do virtually all of the talking - I am the ideal partner for him,  as he is for me!).

Anyway,  this brief post is simply to explain my uncharacteristic silence.  There is no actual explanation,  of course besides sheer flaking out but now that the dry spell has been broken,  I'm back in business again!

Tomorrow,  I will delight my readers with a review of our sailing exploits!   But, for now,  here are a couple of photos of my dear youngest sons at the beach, flying a kite: