Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Something important needs to be said:  the main problem with the health craze is that it runs counter to every natural,  healthy,  normal instinct of mankind.  What can possibly be healthy about starvation?  How can it possibly be natural or healthy to push an undernourished body to exercise - fueled on nothing but water and fresh air?  When I have achieved my weight loss goal,  I am going to enjoy a delicious and satisfying supper of homemade macaroni and cheese!!  Although...darn it!  I won't be able to enjoy it now that I have the echo of health nazi calorie-counting madness ringing in my ears all day long!

This health craze is going to be the death of me.


  1. Please don't mention yummy homemade macaroni and cheese with cream and good cheese and butter - I'm starving.

    By the way, this post needs a title. "I'm going to hang myself," perhaps? Or "Down to skin and bones"? ;-)

  2. Please don't mention macaroni and cheese... with butter, cream and good cheese... I'm starving!

    By the way, your post needs a title. "I'm About to Hang Myself," perhaps? Or, "Down to Skin and Bones."? ;-)

  3. LOL Karen! I know, I know! I imagine those delicious foods so that I can trick my hungry brain into thinking I actually get to eat them! :D

    Re the title - I felt that this post was so monumentally lame that it really didn't rate a title. LOL But I like your suggestions! Especially "Down to skin and bones" which is how I feel inside even if the mirror doesn't agree with me. ;)