Monday, April 12, 2010

Power Weekend!

Good Morning to all my faithful followers!  What a joy it is to log on to my blog and see your friendly faces loyally bracketing my words of wisdom with your friendship and kind attention!  On mornings when I am feeling like flaking out like there are just too many things to do to stop and write a blog post,  it is the memory of your faithful presence and show of support that helps me to keep my focus and stick to my vow to write every day.   In honour of all Those in the Know,  I've made it a personal rule never to skip a day without posting on my blog.

Obviously,  yesterday was the exception that proves the rule.  I don't want to hear any whining about it.

Well, what a weekend it was!  Just when I feel like I cannot possibly squeeze another task into my busy days,  I somehow manage to surprise myself and astonish my admiring family and friends by reaching yet another level of achievement! 

The weekend began with the usual To Do list items which I,  naturally,  capriciously jettisoned sensibly put aside temporarily in order to concentrate on more fun  less boring  more important things.   Our young friend Benjamin,  who has been visiting from Germany,  and Jack were going to have a few friends over on Saturday night before Ben's departure on Sunday,  so I was busy getting ready for that.  Although I didn't actually do anything to get ready,  Those in the Know are aware of how vital it is for young people to have a steady hand on the tiller when preparing for a social event.  And,  as always,  that steady hand was ably furnished by Yours Truly.   Ben and Scott got in pizza and other supplies for the soiree whilst I supervised a bit of a tidy-up.  The boys (mostly Edward and Kenny) gathered up wood for the outdoor fireplace and,  as it was a lovely mild spring evening,  Scott put in a roaring blaze for the young people to gather around.

It all went off without a hitch,  thanks to my able direction.  Scott helped a bit, too,  although I notice that he seemed to get all the praise (just for cooking a few pizzas,  building a roaring fire,  getting all the shopping done,  serving as cook and waiter and generally making sure every detail was looked after),  and I must admit,  one could be a little miffed if one were inclined to petty feelings.   Fortunately,  I am blithely unconcerned about such trifling matters as giving credit where credit is due.  Like I always say,  a job well done is my reward,  and I am not one to quibble over the details like the poor manners of those (ingrates) who overlook the contributer who was the key to the party's success (moi!).  All of that scowling and ducking as I fulfilled everyone's most cherished hopes by obnoxiously  unobtrusively snapping candid photos was a little unnecessary as well,  quite frankly,  but I am nothing if not tolerant of the silliness of youth,  so naturally I did not let it deter me from hounding every last guest to smile and pose awkwardly for the camera  my mission.  You can thank me later, kids.

Having the peace and tranquility of my home destroyed enlivened by loud, ungrateful the cheerful laughter of teenagers was only a small part of this eventful weekend,  however!  Read on!

Hmmm.  Unfortunately,  I seem to be almost stupefied with boredom drawing a bit of a blank on how to proceed with this post,  so I think it might be wise to drop it like a hot potato, call it a post and pat myself on the back for a job well done  take a little breather now so that I can compose a wonderful conclusion.  I'll come back to it as soon as I feel refreshed.

Good Day to All!

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  1. Talk about a cliffhanger!!! I can't wait to hear what you did with the rest of your weekend!