Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spinning Out Slightly

You know,  even the most industrious and productive among us is entitled to the occasional less-than-stellar day.  I, myself,  have had dozens one or two somewhat sub-par days since the New Year,  when my usual high standards have had to be abandoned adjusted to the reality that sometimes I totally flake out simply need to recharge.  I'm not going to lie,  today is shaping up to be one of those days!

I'm spinning out today,  to be totally honest.  Standing around in the kitchen here, not writing a blog post, not sorting or scanning photos,  not starting supper...In short,  the day is going to hell in a handbasket.

I blame the health craze.  Let's just take the bull by the horns and get this out in the open.  It is because of our health-crazed society that I am trying to lose weight.  And it is because of this health craze that I feel so badly every morning when I weigh myself and discover that I have not only not lost any weight,  but I have often gained an ounce or two!   This hardly makes any sense at all when you consider how carefully I have been watching what I have been eating!  I don't know what more I can do,  other than actually reduce my caloric intake,   and quite frankly,  I'm beginning to get annoyed with the whole health craze thing. 

News flash, health nazis:  there is a reason why sensible, smart people have trouble seeing dieting as a good thing:  it makes us hungry.  Yes,  sure, it is all well and good to be mercilessly pressuring encouraging us all to be svelt and slim but that hungry thing is going to continue to be a stumbling block to success for most sensible human beings.  Far be it from me to criticize, but this whole health craze thing is a non-starter doomed to failure unless someone somewhere gets with the program and solves this fundamental problem.  (Those in the Know will note that, once again,  I have to think of everything!)  Why don't some of you thin, perky purveyors of health and fitness put a little of that obnoxious  healthy energy toward inventing 0-calorie foods which taste good and fill people up?  Tell you what,  why don't you take my idea  - gratis* - and run with it.  It is my little gift to the world.  You're welcome,  Humanity.

On the upside, apparently the photobook I submitted on the weekend is on a truck out for delivery to me today!  Ha!  Well, they did give me a coupon for free shipping, and when I got to that page on the order form,  I was amazed to notice that "Free" was written next to every shipping option,  from donkey mail to overnight courier!  Sure, I could have ticked off the least expensive shipping method, but I figured they owed me after all the aggravation I had put them through they had put me through, so I selected the fastest method available- overnight courier.  I'm not one to quibble about details,  of course,  but my readers might like to check out earlier posts to refresh your memories on what date I submitted the book.  I am much too gracious to make an issue of it,  but it cannot be denied that it has been more than one day.

Be that as it may,  I am thrilled to know that I will soon be holding a photographic masterpiece in my hands!  The only real question is whether I should alert the media.

Something else which belongs in the positive column is the fact that it is a simply glorious spring day out there.  I just took Minnie out for a little jaunt up the driveway and I saw so many spring flowers shooting up out of hte ground that I was practically skipping on the way back!   A few friends replied to my Facebook status this morning (re- spinning my wheels) that I ought to get out in the sun, take a walk, etc and I am going to take every one's advice!  I am going to take a walk around the block (thanks, Jennifer!), then I am going to come home and sit in the sunroom to work on Kenny's photobook (thanks Cathy and Donita) !  I am going to post this and turn right around again to go!

But one last thing:  Thank you, Kiki for reminding me last week about "counting your wins".  I may not be losing weight yet (but I bet I will as soon as I start to diet! :D), and I may be spinning out a little today--- but I have two loads of laundry finished, my photobook is on its way to our door and I am about to finally take the first in what I hope will be a regular habit of walks!

Why, I'm not spinning out at all!

Good Day, All!

*Another thoughtful little gift of exquisitely appropriate culture for my Friends in the Know.  Don't mention it.

Today's photo (not from anything I'm actually working on, but does anyone really think one ought to do everything by the book?):

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