Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Normally, I am in fine form on St. Patrick's day (as I am on most days), but I am dragging just a little this morning.  Oops!  I see it is just after noon now, although any normal person would completely understand why I thought the slant of the sun indicates not noon but 11 AM.  If it wasn't for that insane daylight savings time business, the time would be correctly 11:10 Am, not 12:10.

You see, this is the sort of nonsense that can bring even a robustly cheerful individual like Yours Truly down a little.  We had a perfectly lovely March month going here but then the Powers That Be ruined everything by insisting that we "spring ahead" last weekend.  I,  for one,  have not been the same since.

But never mind all that.  The real question for today is:  what are people doing to celebrate St Patrick's Day?  

For many years,  I provided my children with hours of seasonal fun by throwing a St Patrick's Day party for them and several of their little friends.  In more recent years, however, they have been less enthusiastic about the annual green party, as they've outgrown the leprechaun outfits and refuse to do green crafts anymore.  It's disappointing,  but there you have it.

Everyone still loves a fine St Patrick's Day feast, though!  I will be preparing my usual Corned Beef and Cabbage to die for, and I am even considering whipping up some sort of delectable dessert in honour of the occasion.  Maybe a layered dessert featuring a green and pink layer of something or other.  Not sure exactly how I will do this,  but I am confident that with my usual flair for the original I will create a mouth-watering triumph!

No time to waste posting (and since I have hardly anything to say today,  perhaps it is just as well).  I'm off to the grocery store for ingredients!

Happy St Patrick's Day to All!

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