Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Good Morning, Blog World!

I'm almost ahead of the curve today---have laundry well underway,  kitchen tidy and my tea -  piping hot,  sweet and creamy- right at my elbow.


Ok, let's face it--all this navel-gazing and me me me, while lots of fun, is pretty boring!  I've lost interest already and it's all about me!

I am waiting for the scanner, by the way.  Incredibly, I received a notice this morning that it is on a truck right here in town out for delivery to me TODAY!  I ordered it only 24 hours ago!  I am impressed--but also out of procrastinating time. LOL

So, now I have to move double-quick to finish a few other chores.  I will put on some supper (I'm thinking Split Pea Soup and Dumplings) because we need to have supper early tonight.  I am taking the boys to see Carmen.  For anyone who loves opera, or who wonders if they might like opera if they had a chance to see it under optimal conditions, check out The Metropolitan Opera, Live in HD. These screeenings are absolutely fabulous--and I am convinced that even people who think they would hate Opera would probably enjoy them.  It is just like being there in NYC, only better, because you also see what goes on behind the scenes during the intermissions and there are interesting interviews---it is really interesting, engaging and entertaining!

After I get the peas in to soak, I will hopefully have received the scanner, but if not, I will continue with the laundry.  I may even iron a couple of shirts.  This is a huge departure from my normal routine.  I do not iron at all if I can avoid it, because I detest that chore above all others. However, I have a son going to Model UN tomorrow and he needs dress shirts which we neglected to send out for pressing---so I may be ironing today because I love him.  Only because of that. :)

So, without further ado, I will get to the kitchen.  Have a great day, all!