Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm Committed Now!

So, in keeping with my pledge yesterday....wait, did you miss my pledge?

Ok, I did sort of slide it in that last post sideways, without using the word "pledge" or "vow" or any such thing.  That just makes it all the easier to let myself off the hook later when my attention wanders away and I wake up next September with nothing done yet in spite of constant thinking and planning on my two biggest projects:  1) digitizing the 1000s of photos we have accumulated and creating albums of the best and 2) starting a regular writing habit (hello blog! :)) to help build the discipline necessary to - once and for all - plunge in and see if I have the write stuff at some point before I turn 55.

Yes,  I do recognize my own little tricks of evasion, obfuscation and avoidance.

But here's the thing:  it won't work anymore!

I hereby pledge:

1) I will begin the long-delayed process of scanning and filing our photos.  I will set new goals as I go along (the ultimate being to have all photos catalogued and albums created), but for now, I will pledge to get it started.

2) I will write a blog post every day, even if it is utter garbage. 

I'm sure my followers will appreciate the second vow!  :D    If I still have any followers after a month or so,  in spite of the likely garbage that is going to be written here,   I further pledge to send you all an ecard Thank-You! LOL

Now, back to the purpose of this post: 

So, in keeping with my pledge yesterday today,  I have taken a huge step in the right direction.  I've ordered a nice quality photo-scanner.  I am committed now, for sure!  I've put my money where my mouth was!  Aand anyone who knows me knows that I despise waste---detest buying "stuff" unless there is a real need and a real use for it.  So I am well and truly committed to getting this photo project underway at last!

And,  in keeping with that commitment--and to forestall my usual default habit of turning my attention to other things (procrastinating) having bought some time by ordering something that will not arrive for a few days--I have also begun ransacking the basement and other storage places for various and sundry pouches, envelopes, booklets, tattered albums, and letters with enclosures in an effort to gather together all loose photos and other treasures for the project.  I'm excited about it!

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