Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Here is the thing:  it is not how many words one writes which is really important,  it is the quality of those words which matter.  Obviously,  I could easily have flicked off 500-1000 sub-par words last night,  as I am sure many Nanowrimo participants may have done,  but for moi,  it is more important to produce a superior piece of fiction.  Those in the Know are quite familiar with my work ethic and my attention to detail.  In short, I am a perfectionist and nothing but the best will do.

All right, yes, it is true.  I did not write a single word last night.

This morning, however, is a different story!  I already have 116 high-quality words on the word processor,  which is obviously a win!  From little acorns mighty oaks will grow and all that! 

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