Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Too Busy!!

Good Morning to all Those in the Know!

My post today will have to be brief.  Obviously,  I am never always prepared to make the necessary effort to produce a great post,  but I am a very busy woman™ and today that is more true than ever!

Consider this To Do list:

1. Laundry (I want to know why, when I go on vacation, the laundry does not take care of itself?)

2. Bills (Ditto)

3. Fight with university about bogus billing (I'll get right to that - in a moment)

4. Start supper (I am the queen of culinary delights!)

5. Write blog post (always job #1!)

6. Work on great Can-Am novel (definitely going to put in a few hours on this today!)

Oops!  It looks like the jobs order is a little whacky there this morning.  Obviously, item #5 ought to be item #1,  but the truth is that the only item I have begun yet today is laundry, which is number one on the To Do list for this reason.  However, writing the blog post is always job #1,  so we have a slight conflict of priorities here.

Never mind.  I always feel that too strict a reliance on lists and "priorities" can interfere with the creative process.  I am sure that Those in the Know will agree!  I will get to the items on the list in my own sweet time, thank you very much! in my usual efficient way!

I just got off the phone with Scott.  He is away at the moment,  as he so often is just when I need a break!  Sure, I have just returned home from a week at the beach,  but I really feel that one ought to be able to expect a few days of buffer time in which to smoothly take up the reins of duty once more.  Your Dutiful Scribe had no such luxury!  I came home to a thoroughly cleaned and tidy house and a home-cooked meal and immediately  was enfolded in warm hugs, handed a glass of wine and asked about my vacation  had to  laugh, catch up, and admire the sparkling house and handsome, dear faces of my husband and youngest sons  step back into my duties as wife and mother extraordinaire*.  Some days, I ask myself how I manage to do it all.

But, to return to my point.  Scott and I were chatting as I was putting through load after load of laundry and he was, no doubt, preparing to face a very demanding and draining day  doing something or other.  When I mentioned that perhaps I would just skip a day of posting on the blog - after all, it is only one day!  I am renowned for my work ethic, but even a Faithful Recorder such as myself needs a break now and then - he seemed appalled!  I am not one to shine the spotlight on the indelicacies of others, but I can hardly be expected to hide the fact that my spouse appears to believe in me even when I can hardly believe in myself  expect that I should move mountains every day when even I know I can probably only move mountains every other day, as a general rule.

To add to the pressure,  my devious tormentor delightful partner in life has declared that he expects me to put my writing before everything else,  every single day.  Even before NCIS! chores!  The delights drudgery of flipping idly through magazines, watching HGTV and surfing the web  planning carefully nutritious menus, folding laundry and managing a busy household must be put on the back burner,  and a serious effort made to produce the great Can-Am novel!

I am He is quite determined,  and he is I am ever the devoted and agreeable spouse,  so I will naturally make the necessary changes to the To Do list:

To Do

1. Write blog post (now, that is more like it!)

2. Laundry (consider the 3 loads already in progress as a bonus...I am out of there!)

3. Bills (that is ridiculous! Everyone knows that incredibly talented, struggling writers never pay bills!)

4. Start supper (Who can cook when literary history is being made? Takeout, bien sûr!)

5. Work on the great Can-Am novel (definitely as soon as this blog post is up, or at least soon after!)

That is all there is time for today,  Dear Readers.  Good day to All!

* Another bon môt from moi to you.  It is, of course,  French for truly remarkable, extraordinary, wonderful in every way.  In other words:  Nifty.
Don't mention it.

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