Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday, TGIIF!

19,450 words of pure, unadulterated garbage.

Oh well, who cares?  In my own inimitable style,  I will make lemons out of that lemonade during the rewriting process.  It is true that TITK may be justified in expecting my novel to leap out onto the page from my imagination a fully-formed and impressive creation,  but the truth is my writing ability is dismal  my writing talent is far more subtle than that!  It is  pretty much non-existent  the sort of talent that quietly begins a story and gradually lets it grow over time and frequent rewrites until the final,  excrementitious exquisite draft is triumphantly produced.

Yesterday, I introduced a dead body into the narrative.  It was one of my famous disastrous tangents surprising plot twists,  and of course totally predictable  a complete shocker!  However, almost as soon as I typed the words, I realized that here was a pathetic predictable plot clunker  an interesting idea that might need a little more development.  This morning, as I dragged my weary, writerly bones to the computer,  I must admit that I was not looking forward to facing the next awful paragraph.

Then,  inspiration struck!  I am now typing away with renewed enthusiasm (well, except for right now, when I am wasting time, distracted again  dutifully keeping TITK in the loop) and will no doubt create a plot of such stunning complexity and originality that the Nobel committee might come knocking at my door before it is even published!

In other news,  our anniversary was even nicer than I had hoped it would be!  We were so disappointed earlier in the fall when we realized that our original plan of going to Hilton Head for our anniversary was simply going to be too much to fit into an already exhausting schedule.  We had planned to spend an enjoyable evening with Aunt Jean, too, gobbling up delicious Chinese food at her newly renovated house and generally have the most relaxing time imaginable.  But, Scott's travel schedule has been hellish and of course TITK already know how busy I always am!  So, we opted not to try to travel right now.  That left us scrambling to think of a way to make the occasion feel special.

It was,  of course, Scott's my brilliant idea to try the little bistro downtown near the riverfront.  I had my doubts  was very confident that it would be fabulous,  and indeed it was!  We had a simply amazing meal of small, flavourful dishes in a beautifully decorated and unique little place right on State Street.  The wine was light and fruity, there was candlelight and pleasant wait staff and even the small clusters of fresh, fanciful flowers on the tables delighted me.

Something Almost as Pretty as I Might Have Created

Anyway,  it was a lovely dinner followed by a pleasant evening sitting out by a roaring fire on the patio with our kids and guests.  A quiet anniversary,  but surprisingly wonderful!

Today, Kiki has been bothering me keeping me in the loop with frequent texts from work.  Her store is holding an event today featuring the superstar crooner Ricky Martin.  Apparently, people began to line up to attend the event at 9:00 last night!   I told her not to worry;  as long as she keeps to the rear of the store,  she can pretend to be busy and avoid the hysterical throngs  help facilitate a smooth transition between fans and star while popping out frequently for refreshing cups of tea  ensuring that the needs of her fellow staff and customers are properly looked after.  I know she will astound the rest of the staff with her masterful juggling of the crowds and the star's entourage, while no doubt racking up thousands in sales for the store.  She just has that kind of amazing ability.  She is, after all, her mother's daughter!

We are expecting Jack in town tonight, so the entire weekend will probably be a dead loss as far as the great Can-Am novel is concerned!  the entire weekend will no doubt be filled with fun and music and laughter!   I, for one, am irritated delighted!  We have not seen enough of our darling boy this fall,  so we are really looking forward to it.  I am trying to plan some special meals of his favorite foods.  I saw on his facebook page this week that he is subsisting on hummus and pita.  Why, I haven't a clue what either of them are!  I am sure that I can whip up a tasty batch of that in my crock pot!  Will have to run, my friends!  It is already 9:30 AM and I ought to get that on right away!

Good Day to All!
Holy Horizontal Stripes, Batman!

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