Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Testing Again

Let me try again.


  1. Sorry my dear friends, it looks like my blog is kaput! I've tried everything, but something has corrupted something or other and I am unable to move away from this viewing page to post or do anything. I've changed my password, I've done everything, but every time I try to open a new post window, it flashes by for a milisecond and then I get a blank screen and nothing will change it. I was able to post these tests by using a different browser, but as soon as I posted one on each, the second attempt was similarly thwarted. This is the last browser through which I can even COMMENT, let alone post, and no doubt after I post this comment, my ability to even do this will disappear.
    I am devastated! But I am nothing if not resourceful, as Those in the Know are well aware. I will try to figure out something and perhaps try to start a new blog. TITK should stay tuned to my Facebook page for alerts!
    Never fear! This should be but a temporary vexation!
    Good Day to All!

  2. It seems Blogger is having a problem or two, Renée.

    I got the white screen of invisibility as well. I refreshed the webpage, and all was well. (I'm using Safari 5, on a Mac running Snow Leopard 10.6.3.)

    Knock once if you're there. Twice if you're not... :-)