Monday, April 26, 2010

Two-Headed Newt Discovered in Garden!*

* Haha,  not really.

First things first:  my initial embarrassment over thinking "bottlebrush plant"  might be the name of that lovely little Witch Alder out front was completely unnecessary!   While it is true that real Bottlebrushes are native to Australia (so wikipedia was correct on that score,  if unnecessarily snippy),  I should point out that they totally dropped the ball by not mentioning that Fothergilla/Witch Alder is often given the common name "Bottlebrush plant"  Up Over!   Take that, Wikipedia!   It is so infuriating amusing when I occasionally doubt my unerring memory for names and words and, indeed,  for anything connected to gardening!  But,  as Those in the Know are well aware,  I am nothing if not modest.  I always allow for the fact that I am human and yet am never could possibly have been mistaken.

Second on this morning's blog agenda:  Those in the Know will be astonished to learn that in spite of how busy I have been,  I actually did a little more work on the Photo Project over the weekend!  I have decided that whenever it is raining,  I will do a little more scanning and so forth (provided, of course, that I am in the mood!).  This way,  I will avoid flaking out completely again  losing track of where I was and possibly having to start over next fall.  I scanned a couple of packages of photos and set up the five Baby Books for the children in Iphoto - they are all blank, except for Kenny's (which I had already begun weeks ago),  but it feels good to have them there waiting to be filled with pictures.

I am having a bit of a job to get motivated this morning,  however.  It is a lovely morning,  with the sun back out shining again after (too many!) days of rain and drizzle.  Usually,  I am full of energy on mornings like this,  especially Monday mornings like this!  But, alas!  Today is not one of those usual days.  I have a bit of a headache,  if the truth be known.  Also,  a particularly bad case of procrastination.  As always,  though,  I know just what to do

To Do

Blog Post (in progress,  thank goodness!)
Laundry  (not this morning - but we will see about later)
Start Supper (very good idea--the earlier the better!  But, grocery store first)
Grocery Store 
Minnie (pick up from groomer/short walk)
Garden (pick up piles of debris from weeding/planting/winter junk)

That is probably quite enough for a day like this.

Good Day to All!

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