Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blazing Fireball Over Illinois!*

^ This title is completely true.   Apparently,  we are in the midst of a meteor shower called the Lyrids.  Last night, a giant fireball (allegedly from this meteor shower) streaked across the midwest sky quite spectacularly.  Unfortunately,  rather than simply enjoying this gift from the universe as Your Faithful Scribe would have done,  many people foolishly leapt to the wrong conclusions and assumed it was some sort of space invasion.  Of course,  in starkly literal terms, that is exactly what it was but  (<- beside the point).  People were in a panic,  dialing 911 and generally making nuisances of themselves.

The fireball was making a nuisance of itself too,  as a matter of fact,  because according to geeky websites such as Stardate Online (never mind how I know about this,  I just do),  the Lyrids Meteor Shower was scheduled to spatter the heavens on April 21/22,   a full week from now,  not last night!   Really inconvenient,  obviously.   I am not one to point to the inefficiencies of others,  but I really do feel that one should be able to depend upon the Powers That Be to gather precise and reliable information about significant events in the galaxy,  so that the general public might avoid unnecessary hysteria.  I'd write a letter to NASA,  but I have already lost interest am much too busy.

The point of all of this is... well, actually, there is no point at all.   It's obviously a very slow news day,  since this is one of the top picks on several news sources,  and quite frankly,  I'm a little put out that this is the best that NPR et al could come up with to provide me with an eye-popping title for today's blog post.  Oh well,  who cares.  I am just thankful that I didn't waste too much time listening to inferior news-gathering sources blathering on about inconsequential celestial non-events.   Instead,  I spent the morning idly web-surfing, staring out the window and generally wasting time performing important tasks for my home and family.

Those in the Know are probably wondering what amazing insights I have to offer regarding the great fireball witnessed in the sky last night.   I am nothing if not full of amazing insight!   However,  I must demur at this time:  ignorance  modesty prevents me from waxing poetic about our amazing universe today since I  missed the entire spectacular show because I was watching NCIS reruns as usual  always prefer to direct my faithful followers to a hard-working expert.  I am a fount of wisdom,  but I also am famous for giving credit where credit is due and regarding the Lyrids Meteor Shower , who could care less?  I humbly defer to NASA and similar outfits.

Good Day to All!

* Now that's what I call an eye-catching post title! 

ETA:  Here is a photo for today -  Jack's peach tree in bloom.  Even though the Photo Project  may never be heard from again  is on temporary hiatus,  I shall continue to bring you fabulous photos from my outstanding collection.  You're welcome!


  1. I agree. If you can't count on a meteor shower to arrive when it's expected, you might as well just cancel the service.

  2. Exactly! I see you have exactly the sort of keen, non-nonsense mind as Yours Truly!