Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday, At Last!

I do love Thursdays!   I mean, loving Fridays is obvious, but I have thought from time to time that every week when a Friday rolls around, one is never quite prepared.  It is usually half over before the awareness dawns - "Oh yeah!  TGIF!" (oops!  It's 4PM already, Loser!).  Instead of fully soaking in the awesomeness of Friday,  one is often left scrambling of a Friday evening trying to start enjoying oneself and wondering where all that Friday promise is, as the clock ticks down and all that pent-up Friday potential swirls down the proverbial drain with a dispiriting gurgle, rather than the robust wave of joyful fun that one was expecting.

No, it is my contention that the real joy of Friday is in the anticipation of it--the anticipation of all that promise of relaxation and leisure, perched on the edge of a weekend ready to tip headlong into a deep bubble-bath of comfort and joy--rather than the actual day itself, which tends to be (as I mentioned above) more like the last trickle of dashed hopes guttering in the pipes.  Let's face it,  there is nothing--not a living thing, not an idea nor ephemeral concept--that can ever live up in reality to one's fevered imaginings (though I can think of several ephemeral ideas the imagining of which many people confuse with reality, which works for some!), so the obvious inference here is that one must enjoy the imaginings more.   It is based upon this understanding that I put forward this little nugget of truth:

The real joy of Friday---is Thursday!  Thursday!  The day when one can enjoy all the anticipation of an upcoming Friday with none of the pressure to be that awesome day.   The thing that those in the know can always manage is anticipation and my suggestion to everyone is this:  enjoy the anticipation to the very limit!  That is the secret to a happy life. (Alert readers will discern another helpful tip for life, here.  No need to thank me).

Now, I could go on in this theme (do I hear a chorus of "More! More"?--wait, maybe that was "Bore! Bore!"--damn hearing isn't what it used to be.  Oh well, I'll assume it was "more", which makes a lot more sense, after all), but I remain a busy woman.  I have things to do first:

To Do

Exercise (I really prefer to take my walk first thing in the day before other things get in the way-or at least I'm sure I will prefer it once I begin taking walks)
Blog Post (coming--but this will have to hold you for now-don't whine about it)
Photo Project (surprising news on this-tune in later)
Start Supper
Passport Applications (Damn! I keep forgetting about that!)

Ok, I'm off for a walk with Minnie.  Will check in later if all goes well.

Good Day to All!

Oh, a photo to get everyone in the proper spirit:  (Obviously, not actually from the photo project, but it only took a few moments to search for this, and by the way, I had a lovely browse and found several other nice pictures I might share later!  I came across them last week, too, but I forgot about them).

Great Scott!  Look at the time!  I cannot get over how the mornings fly by in spite of my exemplary self-discipline!

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