Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hmmm...OK this writing a blog post every single day might hit a snag on weekends.  It's 3:30 in the afternoon and I've been so busy all day that this has been my first chance to open the computer.  And to be honest with you, I am too busy to really compose anything right now!

Haha---so I hope you all appreciate that I am making the supreme effort here! :D

A photo scanning center has been set up in the den!  I was using the kitchen counter all week, but that was clearly not going to work for the long haul.  Last night while Scott was making supper, I was scanning (I told you -- my attention sticks like glue when I've started something and I could not bear to stop---lucky for me, my spouse enjoys cooking!) and Kenny was emptying the dishwasher.  Somehow,  Kenny managed to knock over my wine glass and very nearly got some photos wet! 

What do you mean, why did I have a glass of wine on the counter near the photos?  And what do you mean why was I having a glass of wine at all while working on the project?  Are you kidding me?  How else was I going to wash down that delicious bruschetta my husband had just whipped up for me? :)

Sure, it's true that having a glass of wine sitting there right by a stack of irreplaceable old photographs might make me at least partially responsible for the near-disaster, but folks, this project requires an occsional glass of wine!  And besides, I like flirting with disaster!

OK, not really.  Phew, I am still having attacks of the vapours just thinking of what could have happened.  All week long, at any moment,  anything could have spilled on those photos!  What was I thinking?

So, today, I moved the whole kit and kaboodle to the den.  Moved my old desktop upstairs to the desk in the spare room (hmmm, that will make a nice place for guests to use the computer!) and cleared off several feet of desk for the scanner and my laptop.  I also organized the cupboards above the desk so that I can put extra supplies in there (CDs and so forth).

Now I am ready to get back to work!  I have to get at least one more full year scanned, in order to make up for ht efact that (let's face it) I won't be working at all tomorrow.

SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!  We spent this morning buying food for our Superbowl menu, and on the way out of the Sam's the fellow at the door asked who we were rooting for.  Scott of course said the Colts, and the man's face fell.  I was able to cheer him up by letting him know that we are a house divided--my husband boringly picks the team with the best record and amazing QB, while I choose the team I have been rooting for since 1984--My beloved Saints!  In the Superbowl at long long last!  The door-checker gave me a high five. Yeah! Now I am really psyched for the game tomorrow!

So, I have to get to work. 

Good day to any readers out there!

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  1. I don't even think its an evenly divided house--isn't dad the only one rooting for the colts tomorrow?