Wednesday, February 17, 2010


...thy name is Renée!

I really have good reasons to delay the photo project today, though, seriously.

First, I have a baby gift to wrap, box and get off to the post office. I've actually begun that and am surrounded by the paper, tape and assorted boxes, but I got distracted by a phone call and then decided to post a blog entry. I keep forgetting that the blog is supposed to be priority number one every day, upon which all other priorities depend!

Second, I would like to take a walk.  Actually, that is something else I have been putting off - getting more exercise!  Truly, that should be first on the priority list, not the photo project!  Or the blog, I guess. But wait, the blog is the foundation upon which all else is going to rest.  So, blog first, exercise second. That makes sense.

Third, I ought to put on a load of laundry (although, I am putting that off because I do way too much of that and besides I am sick and tired of seeing the same clothes over and over again, barely worn!).

Fourth, I probably should start some supper or at least go to the grocery store and get the ingredients for Kenny's next culinary adventure.  That boy can cook--watch for him on Top Chef in about 10 years!  He was interested in making stuffed peppers with some sort of fish for supper because we had some peppers in the fridge.  I think it is really my duty to enable that kind of interest. Yum!  So, obviously, just about everything else ought to wait until I sort that out.

(Gone and Back)

So, I have got one present wrapped and the second one laid out to wrap.  The email keeps ponging: how can I be expected to ignore that?  My friend (the baby's favorite Aunty) is tormenting me about the quality of the leather of the new tote bag she just ordered which I will include in the baby gift box.

I ask you:  just how much can I be expected to accomplish in a day?  Especially with all these distractions?

Just as I am taping up the first present, "twoop!" - a new email.  "Describe the feel of the tote bag", she says (and then goes on to read my mind adding, "and don't say like a baby's bottom!"--I wasn't going to! Spoil sport).  I attempt to describe it as a lovely smooth leather, soft though firmer than expected, beautiful color (warm tea-with-cream-coloured tan) with top-quality hardware.  I turn to my task once again, determined to stay focused.  Begin to fold the sweet baby things...

"Twoop!"  Argh!  Just as I was making headway!

"Smooth as chicken liver?"  WTH?  Smooth as chicken liver?  That's disgusting!  I sent back a curt reply, "yuck, no.  Go away. You are distracting me." 

There then ensued a spirited and enjoyable, if pointless, email exchange which gave me literally no time at all to wrap or pack the presents.  I have been delayed, once again, through no fault of my own!

And those cracks about Lassie, pirates with eye patches,  Karl Malden and my bung left eye were totally uncalled for!  Throw in another reference to stables and babies' bottoms and it's just as well that I throw in the towel right now at... hang on!  It's not yet noon!

Wow!  I can still get this day on track if I really put a drive on!

No more procrastination here!  I am signing off!  Have a good day, all!

My celebrity lookalike match, perhaps?

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