Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day

I still haven't finished 1996, although I am nearly there with the photos I have.  What's worrying me is that there seem to be months missing.  When I see the piles and piles of photos taken from January to August, I simply cannot believe that I suddenly stopped taking photos from September through December.  So, now I need to hunt for those photos--and it makes me wonder just what else may be missing.

This moving-all-over-hell's-half-acre business has many pros and cons, but by far the biggest con is losing things along the way. :(

Busy today.  Boys have no school for President's Day, but there is plenty to do.  I just dropped Edward off at a friend's house.  Ken and I are heading into Chicago to bring some things to Kiki and visit, and Jack is going to pick Edward up for his orthodontist appointment in the middle there.  Scott leaves on this week's trip shortly.

Maybe I'll get back to the project tonight.  If I can't find the missing months, I guess I will work around them and start another child's first year.

Good day to everyone!

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