Thursday, February 18, 2010


I leapt out of bed this morning, ready and rarin' to go!  It is sunny, it is crisp and cold and I am going to make progress today!

Just as soon as I finish this blog post, start a load of laundry and figure out what I can put on for supper.

I know I said yesterday that I ought to put exercise at the top of the priority list,  but I really think the whole exercise thing gets blown out of proportion.  Yes, it is important,  but so is writing, and the photo project!  And it is a little difficult to make any headway with those is I'm flopping about doing stretches and running around the neighborhood for hours.  Look, there are only so many hours in a day!

I haven't got to the laundry or supper yet because I had to bring the car in for an oil change.   I decided to get well ahead of the curve on that one and drove over to Lubepros directly after dropping the boys off at school.  Unfortunately,  2 other people had the same idea and while some may say that a 15 minute wait is by no means a great inconvenience, I am a busy woman and have priorities to keep in order!  I told the fellow that I would return in an hour and came home to get down to work.

And I would have done!   Right after I made out a To-Do list for the day (which I expect to start shortly), but I found it impossible to move forward with that while my mind was so muddled from the unexpected delay in the oil change plan.

Really, the whole morning has been disrupted.

I'm going to start the list right now, right here in my blog.  I find writing things out is enormously helpful, not to mention calming to the spirit.

To Do
Blog Post  (in process-good)
Photo Project
Start Supper
Oil Change (attempted--going back)

Obviously, this list needs slight altering to reflect priorities more realistically.  I don't know what I was thinking yesterday, but this list has to go. Try again:

To Do
Blog Post (on track)
Photo Project (?)
Start Supper
Exercise (!)
Oil Change (attempted-planned to go back in a hour-3 hours ago)

Well, that's not too bad, I suppose.  I'm on track!  With the top priority, too!  Although...I probably really ought to take another stab at getting the oil change done.  Maybe I can do it while looping by the grocery store to pick up something easy for supper?  Then I can cross two things off the list at once!

To Do
Blog Post (nearly finished- excellent!)
Oil Change (as soon as blog post finished)
Start Supper (pick up easy supper fixings while out for oil change, so practically done!)
Laundry (as soon as I return from oil change)
Photo Project (man, that takes a lot of time!)
Exercise (get serious)

Now, I have a plan! There is nothing better than making a list and prioritizing to turn a muddled mind into a smooth-running mental machine!  I'm out the door and on my way!

Good Day to All!

* (Curses!  It isn't Friday at all!  Oh well, no time to change the title--I am a woman on a mission to get things DONE!).

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